Lick twice for service

Seduce your enemies to mimic their powers in Chuii Nora’s 2D platformer, Noah and the Black Magician, now available on Steam.

Noah and the Black Magician is a pixel platformer published by Tinyhat Studios and Kanjineko. When the titular heroine, Noah, was exploring some old ruins, she became fatally injured. As she hobbled through the ruins, Noah chanced upon a mysterious door. After opening it, she meets an entity that gives her a magical power: the ability to seduce and steal the powers of others. In return for this newfound ability, though, Noah must find and activate the great magic tower.

The game is a sidescrolling platformer, featuring over fifty animated sex scenes to find. Charm your enemies and get them to fuck you so that you can use their powers for your own. These powers will be used to solve the game's puzzles, overcome different obstacles, and overpower your enemies. Additionally, whenever Noah uses her powers, she'll go through a transformation. With these powers in tow, the goal is to make your way through the level and fight the boss at the end. Not only does each boss have their own sex scene, but defeating them will let you steal their powers as well and become even stronger.

You play as Noah, a girl who discovers a mysterious door deep inside an old ruin. Inside she is granted a magical power which saves her from the verge of death- giving her the ability to seduce others and steal their powers for her own. However, this boon comes at a great cost, in exchange, she must find and activate the great magic tower.

SEDUCE: Fuck your enemies silly, many featuring their own animated sex scenes!

ADAPT: Take the powers of your enemies for your own- use them to solve puzzles!

CONQUER: Triumph against a multitude of bosses, each with their own sex scene!

You can buy Noah and the Black Magician on Steam for $14.99.

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