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A young man is hired by an underground agency to help manage its agents in Spies Trainer, a comedy adventure game being developed by CertainMen.

The protagonist of Spies Trainer is a young man who answers to a junk mail offering him a job at a company named WOOHP. He doesn’t pay much attention to the e-mail, merely accepting its proposal out of pure boredom. He’s then swiftly whisked away by a series of pipes and tunnels into the headquarters of the World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP), a secretive espionage agency keeping tabs on all the world’s worst villains.

WOOHP keeps an eye out for those who share genetic traits giving them a predisposition to work at the agency, sending such people invitations whenever they’re short on staff. One of their team managers, Jerry Lewis, has recently disappeared. He had been making sudden decisions that put the agency in disarray and then left without a trace. With there being a pressing need for a replacement, the protagonist seems to be the right fit. Confused, but interested, he nonetheless agrees to take Jerry’s place — at least for a trial period. His job is now to manage the agents sent out to the field.

The protagonist is introduced to a trio of agents: the bookworm, Alex; the fashionable Clover; and the athletic Sam. He then sends them out on their mission, only to find that WHOOP no longer has the budget to arm them properly. The protagonist quickly discovers how little the girls can do without access to high-tech equipment, which would even the odds. Fortunately, the protagonist gets help from none other than Jerry himself. The previous team leader happened to leave his training plans for the agents hidden away in his desk; plans to teach them how to use their bodies to their advantage.

The game is an adult parody of the Totally Spies! franchise. The cartoon series first ran in 2001, portraying the trio of heroines going on espionage missions and failing their way towards success against a colorful rogues' gallery. In the story of Spies Trainer, the team experiences their first failures and expects you to provide them with new ideas on succeeding in the future.

The game requires you to travel through various locations, speaking with different characters, strengthening your relationship with the girls, and making money on the side through a pizza delivery mini-game. Unlike most other games about training characters, Spies Trainer doesn’t feature many management elements at this moment in time. Instead, you will need to find ways to acquire tools and items to address people’s needs, gaining their trust in return.

The latest build of the game allows you to spend time with Clover, who will initially be the only one of the group to agree to following Jerry’s secret training plan. The demo also lets you develop a close relationship with the owner of the diner, as she needs your help in making her establishment a bit more hospitable to customers.

Recently, a large portion of the game’s art assets have been updated to adhere to a higher standard. Future updates will expand the game’s content, introducing new areas and allowing you to train more of the girls in the spy team.

You can find out more about Spies Trainer and download the latest demo on CertainMen’s Patreon. At the time of this writing, the latest build of the game is Spies Trainer v0.2.

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