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A futanari gamer summons a succubus servant in The Berry Guild’s comedy nukige, Demons Rise Up!, now available on Steam and Itch.io.

Demons Rise Up! is a short nukige about Suzy, a pro gamer futanari who summons a succubus into her house. The entire event is sparked by a single, measly bet: one of Suzy’s friends told her that there’s a video game which lets you design a demon and — if you put in the right code — summon it into the real world to be your lustful partner.

To Suzy’s surprise, the story turns out to be true. Suzy’s new servant is Lina, a red-skinned, horned demon with black eyes and massive breasts, just as she envisioned her. It also turns out that the pair are now bound by a contract. Suzy hadn’t paid enough attention to the website to learn the specifics of it, but seeing that there’s a demon inviting her to bed, she doesn't have the time to worry about contracts. In fact, Lina is so engrossed by Suzy, she’s even willing to invite her friends over. It doesn’t take long before Suzy is surrounded by a harem of horny demons, with her friends only waiting for an excuse to join in.

The visual novel offers a fully voiced, kinetic story comprised of 6,881 words, with an estimated play time of about two hours. There are seven animated erotic CGs to discover, featuring group sex, futanari pairings, three different demons, and occasional usage of sex toys.

😈The Game:

Demons Rise Up! is a kinetic futanari visual novel about a pro-gamer named Suzy who summons a succubus through a cursed video game created by developers from the pits of hell. After a night of lovemaking with her creation, the succubus decides to bring along some of her demon friends for some multiplayer action. There's just one problem! After finding Suzy playing on her console, it's now up to the three demons to push her away from her gaming session so that she can push them onto her bed! Can they do it? Read and find out!


- A visual novel with a kinetic story. Can be played and finished on idle.

- A diverse range of five expressive and sexy characters with full voice work ranging from playful to shy to sultry.

- A playful and cheerful soundtrack to match the comedic and erotic dialogue and h-scenes.

- A colorful and cartoony 2D art style.

- Seven animated h-scenes featuring Futa x Futa, Futa x Female, group sex, and a solo futa scene.

Demons Rise Up! is now available on Itch.io for the promotional price of $8.99, where it will later cost $9.99, just as it does now on Steam. A demo of the game can be downloaded from the Itch.io store page.

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