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Five men struggle to satisfy their demonic oppressors in SQDT’s Succubus Academia, a simulation RPG now available on DLsite.

Succubus Academia is an RPG about a group of students whose academy was transformed into a fantastical realm ruled by the succubi. These lustful demons have come to feast on the men inhabiting the school, holding little regard for their lives. Thankfully, the students are offered help by a woman known as Pfks. She may be a mysterious woman with an unknown agenda but is nonetheless one willing to teach the students how to defeat the succubi and return to their own world. It becomes clear, though, the fight ahead will undoubtedly cost them their lives.

The only way to drive away the succubi is to sate their hunger. Pfks can teach the men how to do so, but they need to be ready to stake their lives on it, as very few typically survive an encounter with a demon of lust. Throughout the game, you will control multiple protagonists among the men who stepped up to the task. Your job is to satisfy the cravings of all five succubi controlling the absurd realm. Each time a character dies, you will begin playing as the next one in line, and should you run out of characters, you lose the game.

Pleasuring the succubi themselves takes place in an interactive sex scene. You’re provided with multiple options that pleasure the antagonists at a different rate and have varying hit chances. Mastering this combat system is the key to victory, and there's room to hone your skills on many lesser demons found throughout the levels, such as harpies and pixies. These characters won’t kill you but may give you useful rewards if you manage to please them as well. Finally, the class also has female students, who will support the protagonists and play their part in the story, offering their own erotic scenes for players to discover.


With the appearance of seductive succubi, the academy is turned into another world.

With no means to battle the sex demons, all the humans can do is "satisfy" them, so they'll leave sooner.

However, to satisfy a succubus, one must be death.

And so it was that you were chosen as the sacrifice meant to restore peace to the school

by satisfying these lusty demons...


In this game, all battles result in sex, and all battles result in defeat.

Your goal in battle is to satisfy the succubi by giving them your cum.

Special actions such as Begging, Resisting, and Submission can also please them on occasion.

After boss battles, the protagonist's energy is sapped, and he dies;

his powers transferring to the next protagonist.

The goal is the satisfy 5 succubus before all possible protagonists die.

The academy becomes a dream-like setting, with pixies, harpies, and other fantastical monsters patrolling about.

They are otherworldly succubi, but not the kind that take your life.

In fact, you can receive helpful items and money from them to power up (?) your protagonist.

Succubus Academia is now available on DLsite for $25.80 (estimated from ¥2,970).

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