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Explore mysterious ruins discovered on a remote island in Selobus Fantasy, a fantasy RPG developed by ラストロジー and published by WASABI entertainment on Steam.

Selobus Fantasy follows a novice adventurer named Yunivers. One day, she’s given a letter from someone looking for adventurers willing to explore mysterious ruins located on a remote island. Seeing no reason to refuse, the heroine accepts the offer and departs for the job right away. While traveling towards the island, she meets the gunslinger Neige and pairs up with her. Later on, the two girls are also joined by Ion, an elf magician, and a wealthy thrill-seeker, Soala. Together, the four women venture deep into the underground in search of treasures and forgotten history.

The gameplay foundation follows the likes of classic RPGs: You’ll have to manage the party of four girls through the dangerous depths of underground ruins, all the while solving puzzles, avoiding traps, and fighting monsters in turn-based battles. As you defeat enemies, you’ll be rewarded with gold you can spend on items and experience points that will let the girls learn new skills as they level up.

Aside from combat and exploration, Selobus Fantasy also features frequent mini-games during side events, such as fishing or playing slots at a casino in town. The party also has access to a small home, the interior design of which can be customized to the player's content. The game’s adult content is featured both as part of the game's narrative, as well as its combat.


One day, an letter arrives to a novice adventurer named "Yunivers".

The letter said that it was searching for an adventurer to explore the ruins at a remote island named "Cruijff Island".

Yuni got on board right away, and meets "Neige", an adventurer just like herself.

The adventure of Yunivers and Neige is now starting.



Ordinary turn-based combat.

Utilize uniques skills of your ally to undergo fierce battles.



♢Overview Function

You will be granted with an item that shows the next destination of the main story and a brief overview from the beginning.

♢Hide Windows

Right click your mouse to disable message windows.

♢Text Speed Acceleration

Hold the enter key to accelerate text speed.

Selobus Fantasy is now available on Steam at the promotional price of $15.99 until February 24th, at which point it will be sold for $19.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately, using a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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