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A young man moves back in time with the memories of his future in Extra Life, a point-and-click adventure game being developed by RNGeusEX.

Extra Life is a point-and-click adventure game that's currently in development, courtesy of RNGeusEX. The game follows a young man named Saito. Bullied at school and at home, he grows up to be a depressed, sickly man. Consumed by despair, he simply wishes for another chance to go through his life again — and to his surprise, the wish is granted. Now a teenager again, Saito wakes up during the summer break, unsure of whether he went back in time or simply dreamt of a potential future. Seeing how badly that glimpse into his future life looked, he immediately vows to work on bettering himself so that he can change the horrible fate that so many around him suffered.

He soon encounters Yasuka, the woman who raised him ever since his father disappeared. By approaching her with more interest and empathy than usual, he discovers a part of his life he wasn’t aware of. Once his dad had run off with some unknown woman, Yasuka was forced to pay off his debts; however, due to the sheer size of the debt, she couldn’t really handle it. Her daughter, Noriko, has been bullying Saito because she blames him for all this trouble.

Saito soon remembers that in the near future, Noriko will steal from her mom, only to be found dead in a ditch a couple of days later, ruining Yasuka’s life as well. Hoping to prevent that morbid future from coming to pass, Saito searches for a means of employment to help address the debt issue. As he ventures through the town, he remembers other impending disasters. One of his good friends will disappear, the friendly foreigner from the park will be jailed for it with no evidence, and the chief’s daughter from a local restaurant will end up forced into the porn industry by her boyfriend. It soon begins to feel like everyone Saito ever knew is either a mere jerk who’d bully him or a future victim with a terrible fate awaiting them.

Your task throughout Extra Life is to guide Saito so that he can prevent as many of the misfortunes from taking place as possible. To discover the underlying truth beneath these events, you’ll have to work on your personal stats and follow plot threads between key characters, as they make requests of you or show suspicious behaviors.

Each in-game day is divided into four periods, with different options available at different times. To make regular progress, you’ll have to pace your plans throughout the day and carefully check locations of interest at different times. You will also need to make choices at key moments, with Yasuka and Noriko being the characters most prominently affected by your decisions.

The latest version of the game introduces many of the key characters and allows you to make progress on bettering yourself. You’ll get to address your relationship with Noriko, giving you the options to stop her bullying, enjoy it, or even turn the tables and blackmail her instead. For the game's full release, the team would like to include mini-games, over 70 locations and characters, more branching paths for the story, animated scenes, and a dating system.

The most recent build of Extra Life is available for $10 on for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android, with an earlier build of the game also available on for free. More information about the project can be found on RNGeusEX’s Patreon.

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