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What a Legend!, MagicNuts' point-and-click fantasy adventure game about a man's quest for sex, is currently in development and available through

What a Legend! is a point-and-click game where a man goes out of his way to finish several tasks just so he can eventually lose his virginity. Lassie (whose name can be changed) is a man who was left at a brothel as a baby. On his eighteenth birthday, he wanted to have sex, but the prostitutes treated him more like a little boy, rather than a man. Hoping to lose his virginity, Lassie opts to leave home for the city. When he rented a rundown shack for the night, an old woman paid him a visit. She wanted a place to stay until the rain stopped, so Lassie let her in. Grateful for his kind gesture, the old woman transformed into an attractive elven woman, introducing herself as princess Selena. She explains that her uncle killed her father, convinced her mother to marry him, and ascended the throne. Selena asks for Lassie's help in reclaiming her kingdom, promising to reward him in exchange.

The game runs on a day and night system, where each action you perform moves time forward. You can complete quests and improve your relationship with the women you meet to unlock sex scenes. The game has a large map with numerous locations to visit and interactable objects, with some events only able to be done during specific times of the day. If you don’t know what to do next, the game features a hint system, available through a crystal ball in your tent. What a Legend!'s story is nonlinear, letting you decide whether you want to follow the main story or the other side stories of the women you meet. The fetishes you can come across in the game depend both on the story and personality of the girl you're pursuing.

How's the gameplay?

- In What a Legend! you explore the world, interact with characters, and complete their stories.

- Importantly, there are no wrong decisions in WaL. You experience the game by choosing whose quest-line to complete.

- The quests often involve solving problems that different characters have and improving your standing with them to unlock sexual content.

- Being designed as a sandbox means that eventually, you’ll be able to focus on whichever character you like (or several of them at the same time).

- If you need help with any of the story-lines, go to your tent, open the treasure chest and check the crystal ball for hints.

- Every female character in the game is (or will be) conquerable. To reach each character’s sexual content, you’ll need to complete their respective story-lines.

- The game contains NO NTR content (with a small exception in the prologue). Every male character is either an ally that will help you or an antagonist that can be overcome.

You can download the current build of What a Legend! on If you want to follow more news on the game, consider checking out MagicNuts Patreon page and website.

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