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Disclaimer: This article is about a bundle organized by MonsterBox, who is associated with CriticalBliss, a publishing company owned by LewdLogic, the owner of LewdGamer. CriticalBliss is also the publisher of Pieces of my Heart, which is included in the bundle.

In commemoration of Valentine's Day, The Lusty Hearts Lewd MEGABundle is now live, featuring 13 games on sale from various indie developers.

The season of love has arrived, with many developers of romantic games naturally eager to celebrate. Among the many promotional offerings currently live, a group of independent developers has gathered to present a Valentine's Day bundle of erotic games, titled The Lusty Hearts Lewd MEGABundle. The collection contains thirteen premium titles, including paid versions of some projects you might’ve seen before. The bundle costs $29.99, but contains titles collectively priced at over $60.

Until Tuesday, March 1st, you can get the following games as part of The Lusty Hearts Lewd MEGABundle:

Boy Milk Shop by Lavey_otokonoko - games ($4.00)

The Couch by Momoiro Software ($5.00)

Crimson Gray: Dusk and Dawn by SierraLee ($4.99)

Dark Waters- Gino and the Witch of the Black Swamp by Outis Media ($4.99)

Date an Otter by furrgroup ($5.00)

Demon King Domination: Deluxe Edition by Belgerum ($4.99)

First Date - A Valentine's EP by enbytch ($4.99)

Intoxicant by Hotpink ($5.00)

Lip Service: Hentai SFX Pack by MonsterBox ($2.50)

The Little Black Bestiary: The Salted Cookies of Carthaginia by CyberScherzoFF ($4.00)

My Elven Commander Can't Be This Lewd! by MonsterBox ($1.00)

Pieces of my Heart by Kinky Fridays ($9.99)

Siluman Fantasy by Siluman Soft ($7.99)

By purchasing the bundle, you will also show support to the following creators, whose projects are currently distributed under the “pay what you want” pricing system:

The Adventures of Kincaid by cookiedraggy

Future Fragments Demo by HentaiWriter

Kissing Therapy by OutbreakGames

Love Sucks: Night One by Art Witch Studios

Monster Girl Hunter by MonsterBox

The Lusty Hearts Lewd MEGABundle will remain available on Itch.io for $29.99 until March 1st.

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