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An ex-fairytale writer ends up in a fantastical world filled with recognizable characters in the visual novel Boys Tale, now available on Steam.

Developed by Blue Moon and published by TSB, Boys Tale is a visual novel adventure game with puzzle elements. You play as Sia, a poor writer who gave up on writing fairy tales. One day, a gust of wind whisks him away and he loses consciousness. When he awakens, he finds himself in a world similar to the fairy tales he's read through the years and even meets some familiar characters, such as Captain Hook and Hansel. Then, Captain Hook mistakes Sia for a prostitute, pulls him into a kiss, and makes clear his desire to fuck him. It becomes quickly apparent that isn't like the children's fairy tales Sia's used to.

The game's puzzles are separated between its different characters, who each have five chapters and five animated CGs. To unlock the CGs, you'll need to solve a sliding puzzle while staying within the move limit. The tiles can be swapped anywhere on the board. Once you've completed the puzzle, you'll get a sexy scene between Sia and one of his fairy tale bachelors. Currently, there are only three characters available in Boys Tale: Captain Hook, Hansel, and Wolf. At a later point in time, three more characters will be added to the game for free. In total, there will be 30 animated CGs when all the characters are available.

About Boys tale]

Fairy tale writer Sia gave up writing fairy tales.

Sia gets caught up in a mysterious gust of wind and lose his mind...

When he woke up, He opened his eyes to a world in a fairy tale.

However, there is something strange about the characters in the fairy tale.

Captain Hook kissing me?!

Help Sia fix the fairy tale world and save the heroes!

* There are currently 3 characters, and 3 additional characters will be provided for free.

You can buy Boys Tale on Steam for the discounted price of $6.99. After February 18th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $9.99.

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