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Superheroines set out to stop a mad scientist in Overlord Empire LLC’s Damsels of Vice, a bimbofication-themed RPG now available on Steam and Itch.io.

Damsels of Vice is an RPG that follows two daring heroines, Bondagetta and Heatstroke, as they venture into the terrifying lair of the villainous Dr. Adelle Vice. The mad scientist has developed a new brainwashing technology, allowing her to turn women into bimbos. Armed with this terrifying new weapon, she plans to plunge the city into chaos. The two heroines do their best to stop her but swiftly fall under the effects of this power themselves, making them vulnerable to abuse and slowly transforming them into bimbos.

The game has a heavy focus on its turn-based combat system, distinguished by a handful of uncommon gameplay mechanics. Firstly, certain enemy attacks require quick inputs on the player’s part to successfully avoid, demanding larger focus during combat. Aside from the QTEs, certain other moves may put one of the heroines in peril. These perils come with unique artwork depicting the character in a troublesome position, such as being bound by a BDSM suit or covered in slime. During perils, the heroine's actions are limited, forcing the player to either improvise a new strategy with their now-limited move set or otherwise find a way to free the character.

By exploring the dungeon, you’ll be able to progress through the story and uncover the game’s adult scenarios. Winning in combat encounters will instead reward you with points used to improve the heroines. Both Bondagetta and Heatstroke have a list of abilities they can learn, from which the player can pick according to their preference, allowing you to customize the team for your own unique playthrough.

The evil Dr. Adelle “Ada” Vice is about to plunge Infinity City into a kinky crisis, transforming all of the citizens into loyal and horny bimbos made to serve her through her latest breakthrough, BIMBOSIS! Two of the city’s greatest superheroines, Bondgetta and Heatstroke, must stop her before it’s too late… but OH NO! They too have fallen under the erotic effects of “bimbosis” and must not only struggle against evil henchmen, slime creatures and criminal thugs, but also against their own burning desires of love and lust.

Avoid hidden traps and travel to four different dungeons, each one introducing a new Peril!

Take combat to the next level with Action Sequences that give enemy attacks special button prompts that give the heroines a chance to alter the end result… If they succeed.

Struggle out of Perils such as being bound, getting covered aphrodisiac slime and being sealed in skin-tight latex.

Customize the heroine’s skills and stats through the Power Up system!

Too easy? Too hard? Never fear! Change the difficulty at any time to slow things down or speed things up.

A total of ten achievements to earn in this light-hearted, extra erotic adventure!

Damsels of Vice is now available on Steam and Itch.io for $9.99.

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