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Punish a girl who keeps teasing you in Angel Observer’s Putting Cheeky Girl into Her Place! Pixel-Sex Life in the Hot Spring Town!

Putting Cheeky Girl into Her Place! Is the newest game in Angel Observer's Pixel-Sex Life series of games. Each installment is a sex sim where you spend the day with each girl in different locations. In Pixel-Sex Life, you meet a mischievous young girl named Sayuki at a hot springs resort town. Sayuki knows you’re interested in her, so she teases your dick to the point of madness. When your patience runs out, you then tame her with your cock to your heart's content. Even though she mercilessly teases you, Sayuki is a secret masochist who just wants to be plowed by a strong dick.

There are some specific sex acts already accessible to players at he start of the game, but the rest will need to be purchased on your laptop with in-game points. Points can be found in different locations, such as in the dressing room, bedroom, and outdoor hot spring. These acts include the likes of a handjob, footjob, blowjob, armpit fucking, and more. In each of the game's H-scenes, you can choose how fast Sayuki is moving, as well as her reactions. There are two options: Option A makes her speak in a more endearing way, while option B will make her speak in a demeaning tone. If you want to cum, simply click the finish button. You can click it whenever and for however many times as you want.

[Contents and Functions]

- This is a pixel animation sex simulator game that you can casually enjoy.

- It can be operated with a mouse only.

- Includes footjob, armpitjob play animations, besides common plays.

- You can play the sex animations freely in all maps.

- You can switch the time of day and night, so you can have sex with her at any time!

- Settings for the animation speed and zoom, and turn on/off the voice and sound effects.

- Automatic display function for girl's lewd dialogues. Randomized dialogs adds variety to plays!

- Japanese traditional Onsen (Hot spring) inns and inn town maps that will give you a sense of travel.

- The protagonist (You) is just a silhouette with no personality. There isn't his dialogue either.

- All Contents in the Japanese newest version (1.30) included!

You can buy Putting Cheeky Girl into Her Place! Pixel-Sex Life in the Hot Spring Town! on sale from DLsite for 990¥ (approximately $8.57). When the sale ends on March 5th, the game will return to its original sales price of 1,320¥ ($11.43). There is also a demo available, which will give you access to three of the game's sex actions. Just be sure to make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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