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[UPDATED]Roguelike Deckbuilder Duel Princess Now Available on Multiple Storefronts

[UPDATE] 2/9/22 2:42 PM EST: Previously, we've missed out on the game also releasing on JAST USA and Itch.io. You'll find the updated prices and links at the bottom of the page. We'd like to thank users GameZard and Noctum for pointing this out.

Create a deck of female warriors in qureate’s Duel Princess, an ecchi card-based tower defense game now available on FAKKU and DLsite.

Duel Princess is a card-based strategy game with roguelike elements, developed by qureate. Though qureate is known for many other eroge and visual novels, Duel Princess was instead developed as an ecchi title. The player takes the role of a hero who freed his lands from the clutches of a demon lord with the help of two princesses. At the time, princesses of other continents did the same and all seemed to be well; however, they soon received news that the Great Demon King will soon be revived. The only way to stop him is for the ten chosen princesses from around the world to join together and use the magic crests embedded on their bodies to seal away his powers.

The princesses soon meet to discuss the impending threat, but it becomes clear that each has their own vision for the future. Unable to reach an agreement with one another, the princesses begin to wage war amongst themselves. Hoping to pacify the princesses and save the world, the hero rejoins with the princesses from his own homeland and embarks to battle against the female leaders of the other kingdoms.

Duel Princess takes place over a number of chapters, each divided into levels called "grids". On each grid, it’s the player who picks the nature of their encounter from a number of random cards. These include easy battles, difficult battles with better rewards, or opportunities to gain upgrades and spent resources, such as gold. Each chapter also ends with a special duel against a princess, who will join the party if she’s defeated.

Whenever the player selects an enemy card for the grid they’re on, the game transitions to the battle screen. Here, the player’s chosen princess stands on top of her castle at one end of the screen, while the enemy camp is found on the other end. At the start of the battle, players draw unit cards from their prepared deck, with units able to be summoned using mana that regenerates over time. Each unit will march forward when summoned, fighting enemies in their way until they reach the enemy fort, thereupon attempting to destroy it. Every time the player plays a card, they also draw another to replace it.

Units are divided into various classes that trump others in a rock-paper-scissors balance system, asking the player to build a varied deck composition and smartly react to units spawned by the enemy camp. Cards of the same type can also be merged during the battle to summon an enhanced version of a unit. Additionally, each princess has a unique skill that will charge over time, providing the player an opportunity to turn the tides of battle. There are ten princesses in total to unlock. Their clothes will also tear apart as you damage their fort in battle. Once defeated, you’ll get to strip them further in a special minigame that has you stealing their demon-sealing crests.

Originally, Duel Princess was released on the Nintendo Switch earlier in January this year. The game was then later removed from the Nintendo eShop: first in Japan and then again in the US and Europe. qureate later mentioned that there were various reasons for the removal, without providing an exact explanation as to what happened.

MediBang! has since published a PC version of Duel Princess on FAKKU, JAST USA and Itch.io for $24.99 and on DLsite for $26.71 (estimated from ¥3,080). Originally, qureate also planned to have the game released on Steam, but they’ve since tweeted about this release encountering various issues, likely being denied publishing by Valve. No further announcements about a potential Steam version have been made so far.

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