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Create dungeons to protect a devil king hellbent on conquering the world in Devil's Dungeon, a dungeon crawling strategy game now available on Steam.

Devil’s Dungeon follows a devil king who created dungeons and monsters to help him take over the world. Unfortunately, he had to use all of his power to do it and now he is severely weakened. All he can do now is order the monsters to protect him from any wandering heroes while he regains his strength. Many heroes have been summoned to defeat your devil king, but will you be able to fend them off?

To create a dungeon, you need to dig underground and fill areas with monsters. Each block you break has a different function. Bricks will create monsters, silver bricks will give you experience, and the gold bricks will give coins. Dig as much as you can within the time allotted, as you have a limited time to work on your dungeon before the first wave of heroes arrives.

Before each wave, you'll have a few seconds to expand your dungeon and place the Devil King in a safe location. Kill the invading heroes and prevent them from reaching the Devil King. Over the course of a wave, your monsters might get tired from battling too much. If you see them standing idle, you'll be able to click on them and force them to fight. After each level, you will receive coins to improve your dungeon and a slave girl that you can summon into battles to defend the dungeon.

Game Features

Fun and creative gameplayMore than 120 heroes challenge you

Upgrade your monsters army and dungeon

9 unique girls to experience (dynamic)

Capture the girls and serve you

Lovely dynamic graphics

Adjustable game difficulty

Nostalgia remastered

You can purchase Devil’s Dungeon from Steam for the promotional price of $1.59. After the sale ends on February 10th, the game will return to its normal $1.99. Don’t forget to download the Free Bonus Patch DLC to unlock the adult content.

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