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MGGEDev has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Monster Girl Invasion RPG, a combat-focused RPG adventure about a valiant attempt to prevent war between species.

MGGEDev is a team of independent developers working on an adventure RPG with a heavy focus on combat. In the world of Monster Girl Invasion RPG, men live alongside monster girls — women with animalistic features, ranging from wolf ears, up to a spider’s entire backside.

Some time ago, a new virus appeared around the world, putting these women into a frenzy. Those affected become aggressive and lustful, kidnapping men to use as their personal toys. With the threat kidnappings growing by the day, men began isolating themselves from the women, while even those free of the virus were gradually shunned. As the situation continues to develop, the threat of war begins to loom over the divided species.

This is when the protagonist comes in: a man with the ability to cure the affected monsters. Knowing that he can save the world from the impending conflict, he embarks on a journey to help whoever he can, together with an entourage of friends that grows with each victim of the virus he rescues.

MGGEDev describes their project mainly by focusing on the game's combat aspect, with the plan being to create an RPG packed with interesting combat encounters. Enemies will be able to either knock out or charm the hero in an attempt to take control of them. Conversely, the player will have to defeat them using their own team, with a chance to recruit many of the monster girls they encounter. Over time, the recruitment system would allow the player to develop a unique party, tailored to their preferences.

The crowdfunding campaign started with a goal of $6,801 (estimated from £5,000), which it's successfully reached as of this writing. There are no planned stretch goals as of yet, but the game will no doubt benefit from further funding, with crowdfunding rewards remaining available for those interested until the campaign ends on February 18th.


The gameplay consists of classic JRPG style familiar to those who enjoy old school games of the genre. During your adventure you will get into battles with monster girls where they will either try to KO you or seduce you, if you lose they violate you, if you win, you may be able to convince them to join you.

10+ Different Monster Girl Types (More to be added in updates)

Varied H-Scenes featuring monster girls

Classic JRPG Combat with many classes and abilities

A large world to explore with many secrets

Recruit monster girls and create a party unique to your playstyle

Game in Active Development:

We would like to include a large variety of monster girls where possible and interesting scenarios when the player loses. We endeavour to update the game frequently with story content as well as new scenes. This is why we chose early access in order to raise funds to continue working on the game, whilst also allowing those who are interested to play the game in the current state.

We are working with our artists to create a game that you will hopefully enjoy and find enticing.

You can find out more about Monster Girl Invasion RPG on Kickstarter. As was mentioned, the crowdfunding campaign will last until February 18th. Pledging $13.54 (estimated from £10) or more will grant you a pre-order copy of the game, with the early access release being planned for sometime in early March for PC and Mac. Alternatively, you can pre-order the game directly through or wishlist it on Steam.

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