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[UPDATED] Sporty Yuri Visual Novel Offside Released on Steam

[UPDATED] 2/1/22 6:16 AM EDT: We received a CG from the Little Black Book Entertainment to use in the article. [/UPDATED]

A detective struggles to balance work, family, and love in Stamford Highbury's yuri visual novel, Offside, now available on Steam.

Developed by Stamford Highbury and published by Little Black Book Entertainment, Offside is primarily a yuri visual novel. In Manchester, North England, a young detective inspector known as Linda Broadmarsh takes on one of the biggest cases she's encountered yet. Help her on the job while she mends her relationship with her father and searches for love. Can Linda manage to solve the problems plaguing her personal life, or will they remain a cold case?

Offside features anime-styled artwork, multiple endings, and romantic routes to play through, with the game featuring two main romantic options: Emma and Consuela. Enjoy a mystery story accompanied by smooth jazz music, as well as the inclusion of soccer minigames. In these sections, you will either kick the ball to score goals or protect the goal from incoming balls. Move the mouse to swipe which direction you want the ball to go.

“Offside” is Detective Mystery Sports Game and Yuri Dating Simulator set in Manchester, in the North of England. Play as Detective Inspector Linda Broadmarsh as she is put on one of the highest profile cases in all of Manchester’s history. Help her solve this mystery while dealing with the strained relationship she has with her father, a famous goalkeeper, and keeping her ailing love life alive.

Will Linda solve this massive case?

Will she and her father ever make peace?

Will she meet the woman of her dreams and fall madly in love?

Only you can find out by playing “Offside”!

You can buy Offside on Steam for the discounted price of $3.59. After February 2nd, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $3.99. Just don't forget to download the R-18+ patch to restore the game's adult scenes.

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