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A nun travels in search of a cure for her father’s illness in Mireille and Amrita, the Forest of Illusions, a fantasy RPG by 和菓子日和, now available on Steam.

Mireille and Amrita, the Forest of Illusions is a fantasy RPG following a nun on her adventure to the forest of illusions. Her father suffers from a dangerous illness and it's said that only the Amrita plant found in the forest can cure it. As such, she packs up and embarks for a dangerous journey.

The game's structure is largely linear, focusing on Mireille’s quest to find the plant, though the title also features multiple endings to discover. A major feature of the game is its focus on turn-based combat. During her travels, Mireille will have to face many monsters on her own. Winning battles rewards the nun with items, gold and experience, increasing her prowess in combat. If her health falls too low during fights, though, she may be abused by her foes, which could also afflict her with a negative status condition. Not only do these ailments lower her stats, but traveling to the town under their effect unlocks access to new erotic scenarios.


Mireille was a nun living in a small village in the mountains.

One day, her sick father's illness takes a turn for the worse.

To find the materials needed to cure his illness, the girl goes out on an adventure.



Main character, nun from Holst village.

Abandoned as a child and raised

by the priest of the church.

A kind and caring girl working as a nun.

[Game system]

Adventure RPG

"Everyone's favorite, a classic RPG!"

Turn-based front view format

"Easy to learn combat system!"

Finishing moves

" "M boost", used when TP reaches 100, can increase status significantly!"


"Bad status" available, which will affect the outcome of the fight!"

Mireille and Amrita, the Forest of Illusions is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $15.99 until February 3rd, at which point it will cost $19.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately, using a patch available on the publisher's website.

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