Fapping is more than just a game

Play as a sexy superhero in a virtual world filled with horny villains in Mr. Zed's 3D action game, Solas City Heroes, currently in development.

Solas City Heroes is a 3D sidescrolling beat ‘em up where you join up with the Guardians, a group of superheroes who protect and defend the city. Between the years 2031 and 2042, a plague took hold of the world, killing off 96% of the population. To survive the plague, the remaining survivors created The Nexus, a virtual world that resembles how life was before the plague. They began to live inside the virtual world while their physical bodies remained in the safety of their pods. When people died in The Nexus, they were expelled from the system, but would still be alive in the material world. The creators of the Nexus believed that this would create a Utopia where there would be no plague, death, or illness, but a side-effect of this was creating an environment where people were more willing to take risks without consequences. When people grew apathetic to the idea of death, chaos and crime took over the city. In response to this uptick in crime, a small group of people with increased senses or supernatural powers appeared to fight back.

You play as a rookie member of the Guardians, with the ability to regenerate when aroused. Your character is customizable with only a few cosmetic options, but you can purchase more through the shop. Change your character's hairstyle and color, pick out her super outfit, and adjust her body proportions to your liking. While making your character, you can even decide what their weaknesses and fetishes are, with your favorite sex position or action simultaneously being your weakness and your strength. If an enemy forces you in your favorite position, it will be harder to break free from them, but will also increase your special arousal. Your fetish is something that isn’t necessarily sex-related, but it does turn you on. Having a fetish and a weakness will also make the game more difficult.

When engaged in combat, you're able to punch and kick your opponents. Create combos and jump while attacking to execute moves in midair. At the beginning of the mission, you will be fully clothed (if your character wears clothes) with full health. Enemies will attack you and try to take your clothes off, after which they can knock you down and force you into sex positions. From here, you can either break free or let them have their way with you. If you're low on health and are knocked down, it will be harder to resist your opponent’s sexual advances. Cumming too much will cut your health bar off so that you cannot regain all of your health, but this effect only lasts for the duration of the mission.


- Mr Zed's classic Gender/Role systems that allows players to select what kind of sexual interactions they want to see.

- Over a dozen adult content settings to enjoy your experience to the maximum!

- Options to turn off any unwanted content or features!

- Classic Beat em up gameplay enhanced with some new elements!

- Talent progression system to create your own fighting style!

- Ultra customizable character creation, including hundreds of cloth pieces!

- Amazing original soundtrack to beat everyone in your way!

- Cookies and chocolate everywhere!

- up to 24 Different stages (Only 4 done so far)

- And much more to come!

You can play the demo for Solas City Heroes on Itch.io.

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