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Learn to fight off your urges in The Witch's Sexual Prison, a BDSM story in a fantasy setting developed by Giver and BananaKing, now on Steam.

The Witch's Sexual Prison follows a man who’s overwhelmed by his sexual urges, or at least being accused by his master, a beautiful witch, for behaving in a disgustingly perverse manner. For a time, the protagonist was fine being that way. However, something in him changed, and he eventually asked for his master’s help, hoping that the woman would tame his urges. She soon grants him a chastity sheath and begins her cruel lessons. Things don’t work out as expected, though, as our protagonist feels he’s only getting hornier as the master performs her BDSM techniques on him. Soon, the protagonist begins to consider running away. Unfortunately, punishments for attempting escape are quite severe.

The visual novel contains a short, 50,000-word-long story of BDSM sexual training with a female master dominating the male protagonist. There are five endings to experience and 16 unique CGs to discover, with over 200 artworks in total, when including their variants.


Master said that I’m full of sexual desireIf I want to cure my perverted behavior, I should wear the chastity sheath

“Even the chastity sheath can’t cure you… seems that you need to be trained hard."

I had always been a very horny guy. I would think about H things all day that my master called me a male dog on heat…

But then I suddenly wanted to cure my perverted behavior

Could I succeed?

However, along with the training progress, I felt like I became more horny

Was that normal? Was she… really my master?

The Witch's Sexual Prison is now available on Steam for $6.29 until February 1st, at which point it will cost $6.99.

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