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NinNinDays2, the sequel to iMel and qureate’s original kunoichi-centric visual novel, has now been released on Steam.

NinNinDays2 is the sequel to NinNinDays, a romantic adventure visual novel where a ninja leaves her village to train in the city. Similar to the first game, the story is set in Akihabara, with the original game's heroine, Sumire, even making an appearance. This time around, though, the game follows a different cast of characters. NinNinDays2 sees you play as a convenience store employee working the night shift. On one such night, a young woman approaches the counter to buy a meat bun with her boyfriend by her side. After taking her newly-bought bun, she affectionately links arms with her boyfriend and the couple leaves the store, hand in hand. Seeing the couple's display of affection made you long for such a relationship.

Soon after, two girls wearing what appears to be ninja cosplay come in. Rather than buying anything, they merely browse through the aisles and talk about ninja techniques. Suspicious of the two strange girls, you call them out to prevent any attempts at shoplifting, only to find out that they have no money. In spite of your best interests, you buy a bento for them. Feeling sympathetic towards the girls, you let Suzuran and Kikyō live with you, thus making your life more hectic than ever.

The character sprites are animated through the use of the E-mote system, with some of the game's CGs are even being animated and viewable in the gallery. There are multiple routes and endings in the game, so you can find new scenes you wouldn’t have gotten in your first playthrough.


CV:Suzu Sazanami

Suzuran came to Akihabara with Kikyō in order to carry out a certain mission.

Suzuran is a ninja who suffers from a typical Chuunibyō's delusions of grandeur.

She claims that one of her eyes is a different color because it's her "evil eye," but she simply has a color contact put in.

The truth behind the bandage she has wrapped around one arm, which she insists is "the black dragon from the demon world that I sealed away," is actually...

Even though Suzuran likes to make fun of the airheaded Kikyō, her jokes tend to miss the mark, and she often ends up being made fun of by the main character instead.


CV:Rin Mitaka

A female ninja from the same village as Suzuran.

Innocent, ditzy, and erotic, Kikyō is a ninja who acts like an older sister.

Although Kikyō has a little more common sense than Suzuran, she's an airhead, and not exactly the brightest girl.

She's admired as if she were an older sister to Suzuran,

however, she gets a lot of flack from Suzuran due to her clumsiness.

When it comes to Suzuran's Chuunibyō antics, Kikyō regards her with warmth and understanding.

She may be a ditz, but she's a first-rate ninja.

For some reason, there are a lot of cases when she ends up the victim of the main character's accidental groping.

She's practically a machine for creating sexual situations out of thin air.

You can buy NinNinDays2 on sale for $12.74 on Steam. After January 27th, the sale will end and the price will return its retail price of $14.99. Don’t forget to download the R-18 patch from qureate’s site to unlock the game's adult content.

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