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The sequel to Alicesoft’s comedy fantasy RPG, Evenicle 2, is now available for pre-order on multiple different storefronts.

The fantasy world of Evenicle 2 is constantly threatened by wild monsters. The only chance humans have against such beasts is the effort of heroes wielding forbidden skills, making them capable of slaying nearly any foe. Such special abilities come at a terrible cost, though: those who use them eventually fall victim to hero syndrome, a sickness which afflicts them with various symptoms, ranging from the comedic to downright life-threatening.

In most cases, attempts to cure a hero syndrome will lead to a relapse of the illness later on in life. The story’s protagonist, Alex, is the only known person capable of permanently healing the sickness; however, the cure is part of his seminal fluid, meaning he can only heal victims through sex. In this world, intimate relations are synonymous with marriage, making each of the heroines he aids his newfound wives. Not only will his adventure involve saving the world from a monstrous threat, but also growing a caring harem of powerful heroines all the while.

Evenicle 2 is a turn-based RPG where the player is guided on their journey through a massive fantasy world by a series of quests and objectives. Aside from major story segments, the player will come across secrets, treasures, and monsters to face in turn-based battles. The player’s party can contain up to five members at a time, all of whom will steadily improve and unlock new skills, further empowering them in battle. Additionally, the player can also capture female monsters encountered on their journey to employ their aid in combat. Playing Evenicle 2 doesn’t require any knowledge of its predecessor to enjoy the game, but the story teases some sort of secret connection between the two games.

Originally, Alicesoft planned to release Evenicle 2 on Steam. A demo of the game can still be found there, but the full release on Steam was denied publishing. After a long wait, the game is now coming to multiple other store platforms, featuring over 70 unique sex scenes, original Japanese voice-overs, and six distinct continents to explore.

Evenicle 2 is currently planned for a February 22nd release and can be pre-ordered on JAST USA, FAKKU and MangaGamer for the promotional price of $34.99, where it will later cost $39.99. A demo of the game can still be played on Steam.

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