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A young man chases after the women of his destiny to escape being a virgin forever in KamiYaba: Destiny on a Dicey Deadline, now available on Johren.

KamiYaba: Destiny on a Dicey Deadline is a visual novel developed by HULOTTE, who also created Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos. The story follows Hajime Kanbayashi, a young man reliant on love spells who must seize the girl if he wants to have a love life. Hajime was obsessed with charms and spells because he wanted to be popular with the ladies, but unfortunately, his efforts never amounted to anything.

The self-proclaimed Goddess of Matchmaking, Urara, warns him of his small obsession. She prophesizes that if Hajime doesn’t manage to score a girlfriend within the next year, he will remain a virgin for the rest of his life. According to Urara, when Hajime uses a spell excessively, no matter how small and trivial it may be, it'll only serve to impede him. Just when everything looked bleak for Hajime, Urara offered him a solution: she tells him of three candidates whose destinies are woven into the “destiny count” shared by him and the three. A destiny count is the distance he must overcome to get a candidate to fall in love with him. His candidates are Nanami Nagumo, with a destiny count of 870 million, Suzuna Akagi with fifteen, and Yukari Suo with 65,535. Armed with both knowledge and a final goal, Hajime's journey to prevent Urara’s prophecy begins.

Nanami Nagumo (Voice: Ichigo Donari)

The only daughter of Prime Minister Nagumo

Skilled in both school and sports, Nanami is the perfect honors student.

As the daughter of a politician, she has been surrounded by the adult world ever since she was young. This taught her to be wary of how her actions affect how people look at her. Even at the worst of times, she never loses her composure.

Although she tries to hide it, she has a fondness for the cute things and sweet things that girls her age typically love, but she’s so self-conscious about it that she wouldn’t dare reveal that to anybody.

Suzuna Akagi (Kokoro Moriya)

A top idol

Her specialties include cooking and making people forget their inhibitions.

With her friendly smile, her open-mindedness and her revitalizing words, Suzuna has a tight grasp on her adoring audience's hearts. While she has many fans at school, they all keep each other in check, meaning nobody can make a move on her.

She has such a bright and bubbly personality, you’d never think she was older. Working in entertainment has not tarnished her innocence. She’s just a hard-working girl with no dark side whatsoever. People call her an angel, and even a miracle.

Yukari Suo (Voice: Kanau)

Japan’s greatest detective

A girl who is said to have helped the police crack many difficult cases in the past.

Unfortunately they haven’t been requesting her help much in recent days, so things have been pretty mundane for her lately.

Yukari speaks casually to anybody, regardless of their age. She can be pretty sarcastic at times, but she has a good attitude and is easy to talk to.

However, her powers of observation are so sharp, they border on the level of a mind-reader. She’s so accurately able to guess what people are thinking that people tend to keep their distance from her.

Urara (Voice: Yuu Minami)

Goddess of Matchmaking

A young goddess who suddenly appeared before Hajime and warned him that he was going to be a virgin for life. She is bright, lively, and always smiling. She’s also a real chatterbox, and her mouth runs a mile a minute.

Urara has been assigned to closely observe the unprecedented case of a person who used so many love charms that he managed to break causality.

Hanayo Sakashiro (Voice: Sora Haruka)

Nanami’s childhood friend and self-proclaimed strongest ‘SP’

What SP stands for changes depending on the situation. Right now, it stands for ‘sexy physique.’

Hanayo has a plain and polite manner of speaking, and doesn’t reveal her emotions much.

She has a tendency to change the topic completely, and it can be hard to grasp what she’s trying to say.

Mao Kanbayashi (Voice: Yui Kusuhara)

Hajime’s cousin and classmate

She used to live in Hajime’s neighborhood when they were elementary students until her family moved away. Since then, they've been separated, until they were reunited when Hajime transferred to her school. Mao is almost positive this was an act of fate.

Naive and honest, she yearns for Hajime’s attention, calling him ‘Bubby.’

You can buy KamiYaba: Destiny on a Dicey Deadline on sale from Johren for $19.99. After the sale ends on January 3rd, the game will return to its original sales price of $24.99. If Johren isn't your platform of choice, the game will also be made available on Steam on January 27th.

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