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The cast of Trinoline returns with brand-new stories in Trinoline Genesis, a fandisc of minori's original slice-of-life visual novel, now available on MangaGamer and Steam.

Trinoline Genesis is an expansion to the original visual novel, Trinoline, featuring short stories focused on each of the lead heroines, as well as two additional routes for sub-heroines, Hibino and Hanako. Within the collection of stories, Shun will spend time planning the first birthday celebration for his android sister, spend a day off with Sara, and pair up with Yuuri to take care of a kitten. Within the new routes, Shun will try to help out Hanako by pretending to be her boyfriend, while in Hibino’s route, he will come to learn her closely guarded secret.

In 2019, minori announced their cessation of operation, with Trinoline Genesis being the second-to-last release from the group. It further builds upon the characters from the original Trinoline, with both visual novels being set in the universe established by another of minori's visual novels, Natsuzora no Perseus.


”Every day is precious.”

One day, SHIRONE learns about ”birthday parties” in class and asks Shun if they can host their own. Shun makes every effort to make her wish into a reality, but realizes she’s never had a birthday in the first place─

Yuuri Miyakaze

”A connection between two people.”

Yuuri and Shun have made a promise to be wed. One day while they’re enjoying living together, a stray kitten comes into their lives─

Sara Tsumugi

”In pursuit of a day for two.”Upon Sara’s unexpected return to the island, Shun goes to pick her up and admits he could not ”find the lost key to the birdcage” that they had exchanged prior to her departure. Then, when they head out on the first ”date-like date,” they...

Hanako F. Bristol

”Awakening to love with an unbelievable girl.”

Hanako’s relationship with Yuuri takes a turn for the worse. Unable to stand by and watch from the sidelines, Shun takes Yuuri’s place on the Public Morals Committee to help Hanako. During their time together, Shun learns Hanako is a quite well-off and may be put through an arranged marriage. In an attempt to help her, Shun pretends to be her boyfriend─

Ayaka Hibino

”I have a secret.”

Ayaka’s life returns to normal after somehow resolving the issue with her mother. However, Shun discovers one of her secrets and she’s worried it will eventually come to light. After stressing over it for some time, Ayaka finally confronts Shun, but─

Trinoline Genesis is now available on MangaGamer for the promotional price of $25.45, where it will later cost $29.95. The fandisc can also be bought on Steam for $25.49, until the sale's end on January 27th, after which it'll return to its original price of $29.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a patch available on MangaGamer's free downloads page.

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