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Hunt down a gang of hypnotists in StudioNAZE’s Sonia and the Hypnotic City, a fantasy RPG published by Kagura Games on multiple storefronts.

Sonia and the Hypnotic City follows the church knight, Sonia as she investigates a series of crimes performed by a group capable of performing hypnosis. The gang's motives seem to be focused on merely robbing people of their money. They manage to prove themselves as a formidable threat by tricking Sonia’s disciples, who quickly yield their wealth to the robbers. This, in turn, leaves Sonia stranded: she’s left to carry out the rest of the investigation alone, without a single coin to her name.

The game tells a short story featuring multiple endings and a unique combat system. Throughout the adventure, the player will have to test their luck against enemies' multiple attack types to successfully damage them, with battles in Sonia and the Hypnotic City taking on a turn-based approach. Additionally, the heroine will also have to work odd jobs to pay for her living expenses and other costs incurred on the quest to apprehend the criminals. Between the hypnotic enemies and the need for money, Sonia will often find herself vulnerable to abuse, leading to a variety of different sexual scenarios.

After receiving strange reports from one of the kingdom's cities, the church sends a Holy Knight named Sonia to investigate.

According to the reports, a group has appeared in the city with the ability to hypnotize, and are using it to rob the city unopposed.

Upon arrival, these reports are quickly proven true, as Sonia's disciples are robbed of the group's operation funds.

Now penniless, Sonia must work side jobs while carrying out her investigation, and uncover the culprits behind the incident.


• A Classic RPG Experience

• Turn-based Combat

• Unique Counter-based Combat System

• Run Quests to Earn Money and Upgrade Sonia

• Multiple Endings

Sonia and the Hypnotic City is now available on Steam, Kagura Games, Denpasoft and FAKKU for the promotional price of $13.49 until January 21st, after which it will cost $14.99. Adult content for the Steam version of the game has to be installed with a patch available on the publisher's website.

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