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The second installment in Hide Games' roguelite RPG series, Escape Dungeon 2, is now available on Steam.

Escape Dungeon 2 is a turn-based roguelite that takes place after the events of the first game, following the story of a different heroine. The Sundista Kingdom’s future looked hopeless after their defeat against the Demon Lord, Qaron. The queen was still missing and Shalith, the kingdom’s most powerful mage, was captured and imprisoned. Fortunately, those who remained loyal to the kingdom continued to resist the Demon Lord’s rule. Among the resistant remaining was the elven assassin, Shunral. Known also by the full title of Shunral the Silver Wolf, she strikes fear into both demons and monsters alike. Shunral is determined to infiltrate the Demon Lord’s castle and assassinate Lord Qaron to free Sundista from his control.

Escape Dungeon 2 aims to improve upon the game mechanics from the previous game. Collect materials to craft items, learn new abilities and eliminate your enemies with your bow to progress through the game. There are over twenty different abilities to learn that'll help you avoid and eliminate the game's various enemies. Each individual playthrough is different, so you can experience a different story each time you play. There are also around thirty CGs, with interactive, Live2D H-scenes. You can also collect "defeat" CGs using an alternate method, so you don’t need to constantly lose battles in order to see them.


- Enjoy the action with the 30+ animated & interactive Live2D "action" scenes. Each scene is three times the size of a normal CG, which allows you to magnify, move around, and examine every detail!

- Experience every dungeon and every playthrough differently with this game's rogue-lite gameplay mechanics.

- Discover and use more than 20 different special abilities to evade and eliminate your enemies!

- Unlock CGs using an alternative method. You don't have to lose on purpose every time!

- Immerse yourself in the story with a fully-voiced main character.

- Help yourself out with the built-in resource assistant. No mods or cheat programs are required!

You can buy Escape Dungeon 2 on Steam for the discounted price of $16.19. After January 20th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $17.99. Consider trying out the demo to see if you're interested in the game.

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