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A young man’s house is invaded by a princess from space in Winged Cloud’s Sakura Alien, a romantic comedy visual novel now available on Steam.

Sakura Alien follows Haru, a university student with passion for astronomy. One night, his peaceful life is disturbed when Ena, an alien princess from another galaxy, lands on top of him. It so happens that she is a huge fan of Earth and its culture. Now, she's decided to run away from home, she chose to come here to hide. She quickly judges that her meeting with Haru was ordained by fate, and has destined to become his bride.

If the sudden declaration of love from an alien princess wasn’t surprising enough, Haru’s childhood friend Hiyori soon comes out with her own confession. Over the years they’ve spent together, she has grown close to him and would like to make their relationship more intimate. What will the young man do with two girls vying for his affection?

Ena is an alien princess who comes from the planet Corval, located in the far away Ankh Galaxy. Though Ena was born and raised in a palace, she's no stickler for manners, and she has little regard for personal space.

Cheerful, energetic, and incredibly stubborn, Ena is determined to make Haru fall in love with her, no matter the cost.

Hiyori is a sweet, gentle girl one year older than Haru, who acts as the president of the university's astronomy club. Hiyori, like Haru, is obsessed with space - but, unlike Haru, she's obsessed with it to such a degree she thinks she might be an alien herself.

Hiyori used to be bullied in high school for her delusions, and didn't have many friends. As such, she deeply values her relationship with Haru, and she can be rather clingy.

Sakura Alien is now available on Steam for $9.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately, using a free patch available on Winged Cloud’s Patreon.

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