Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Irlana’s yaoi visual novel about a humanoid learning about humanity, Synthetic Lover, is now available on Steam.

Synthetic Lover takes place in the year 2066, where most of the workforce is now occupied by biologically engineered humanoids, called biots. All biots live to serve one purpose: fulfill the task that was programmed into them. The story follows one particular biot, whose purpose is to work as a servant at the Dollhouse, an adult entertainment center. These servants work to finish their objective and when they aren’t needed, they're powered down, becoming lifeless dolls. Just like any other biot, the game's protagonist is programmed without free will or a sense of self-awareness. This all changes when he meets a thief with a mysterious device.

The protagonist gains a sense of self after getting into contact with an object of some sort. He starts to learn about what it means to be human, how emotions work, and the consequences of imperfection. He tries to hide his perceived malfunction in fear of being destroyed, only to wind up getting caught in a conflict with a powerful company. The game follows this hero as he tries to understand his new life, maybe even falling in love along the way. The hero can fall in love with one of two guys: Bastian, the bartender who stole the device that changed him, and Terrance, a researcher for the mega-corporation, Guiding Light.


- Story rich BL/Yaoi visual novel in a sci-fi setting

- 2 Love interests

- 138 000+ words

- 7 Endings

- 57 Unique CGs

- 100+ Backgrounds

- Full English voice over


You can buy Synthetic Lover on Steam for the discounted price of $22.24. After January 20th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original price of $24.99. There is also a demo available for download, as well as a free 18+ patch that restores the game's adult content.

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