If it's a hole, it's a goal.

A young man seeks vengeance against orcs and wargs in Airell's adventure game, Love and Corruption, currently in development and available on Itch.io.

Love and Corruption is a text-based adventure game with RPG game mechanics, in which you play as a man who lives with his parents. When their city had come under invasion, his father and a group of men went out to deal with the threat. The hero and his mother tried to flee, only to be found by the succubus, Lynara. She promises to spare you and your mother, but only if you become her slave. Fearing that her son will fall to the succubus’ temptations, his mother pulls out a sword and attacks her, but Lynara deflects the attack, striking back and fatally wounding the mother before leaving. The pair are found afterwards by an elf, Ellaryel, who takes them back to her village and heals the hero's mother. Ellaryel tells the hero that orcs and wargs have broken through the city’s defenses, with it being unlikely that his father is still alive by this point. Determined to get revenge for his parents, he joins forces with Ellaryel to track down Lynara and defeat the orcs and wargs that destroyed his city.

The protagonist is customized at the beginning of the game, with players able to name him, choose his upbringing, body type, dick size, and sexual drive. Your choice of upbringing and sex drive determines some of your stats, as well as dialogue from the game's NPCs. From there, you can complete objectives to progress the story, accepting quests and defeating enemies to earn gold and other items. Use the map located in the bottom left to navigate the world. If you reach a dead end, you might be able to explore the surrounding area to open up another path, but your health and energy will be reduced.

Through the game, you will be able to speak with women and give them gifts to increase their affection. They'll talk to you about themselves, their past, and any interests. When you romance them enough, you can have sex with her and get them pregnant.

Game features

- Combat system - You will have leveling, different skills at each level, ways to learn skills and passive traits interacting and training with other characters too.Improving your character in a unique way with the skills you prefer. This includes miscellaneous items, consumables, an enchantment system for you to create your custom (planned) equipment.

- Erotic/Romance Content - Dozens of unique events, romance quests, and lots of different girls to interact, meet, and romance.

- Sandbox game style - You are free to choose which NPCs you want to interact and romance with, being free to choose which or as many girls as you like. (Harem element) Side quests and romance are also (mostly) optional, with the exception of the main quest line.

- Pregnancy/Sex systems - The sex system is dynamic and you can do it with any girl, hostile NPC, or unique girls. Created to add a special dynamic to romance/sex.Pregnancy content is complete, from the first stage (impregnation) through delivery and beyond.

You can play the current build of Love and Corruption on Itch.io. If you enjoy the game, consider checking out Airell’s Patreon.

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