...the fuck?

Start a new life in a town of repressed women in Femwood Fever, a romantic comedy visual novel currently in development.

Femwood Fever is the name of both an upcoming visual novel and the independent team working on the game. The game follows a young man who abandons his former life, leaving his job and family behind to board the first long-distance bus he finds. The vehicle takes him to Femwood, a forgotten tourist town he hadn’t even heard of before.

As it turns out, Femwood was created as a city for women, where men would be outright barred from entry. While the idea was initially popular, it instead proved itself impractical: the town grew up to a point, but the lack of population growth caused it to stagnate. In the face of such stagnation, the city finally allowed men to enter, instead opting to focus more on tourism. Unfortunately, even this strategy wasn't effective for very long. Once the initial excitement died down, tourists stopped coming and even the women began moving out to larger cities.

When the protagonist arrives there, the small town is full of women starving for attention, many of whom quickly begin flirting with him or making unusual requests. As a virgin, the protagonist finds their company incredibly exciting and decides to spend the night in the city. The demo ends after this brief introduction, but the developers have already shared some of their plans for the title's future.

Femwood Fever aims to let players progress through the story in a non-linear fashion. By choosing what to do next, the player will be able to push specific plot threads forward and grow closer to the heroines that captured their interest the most. The game will feature multiple fetishes, with the demo hinting at exhibitionism, feet play, and pegging. The team is currently experimenting with options that would allow players to disable the types of content they don’t find interesting.

Plans have also been made for a potential graphics update, and obviously to create more art assets in general. Players can also expect a system for holiday events and translations into other languages in the future. One unique aspect of Femwood Fever will be the inclusion of mini-games. The current demo showcases this idea through a basic QTE, requiring the player to press prompts on the screen within a time limit. Problem-solving challenges may also make an appearance, as the game features an inventory system, enabling the player to give girls various items.

You can try out the game's free demo on the Femwood Fever official website or its Itch.io page. If you’d like to find out more about the project and support it, consider checking out the developer’s Patreon.

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