...the fuck?

Help a pure girl pay back her debt in Clara Soap's Decaying Flowers, a simulation RPG now available on Steam.

Decaying Flowers follows Lobelia, a man who lived through a poor and unhappy childhood. When he grew older, he accidentally inherited assets that could end up supporting him for life. Soon after, he began living a life of luxury, fulfilling all of his wishes with money. One day, he discovers a document in his library that belonged to the mansion's previous owner. Lobelia examined the document, discovering it was an I.O.U. from a store manager, who had a large amount of debt - with interest. He decided to go forth and investigate the store manager, only to find that he was already dead. His only daughter, Marpel, inherited the store and its debt with it, but she hasn’t paid anything back in months. Lobelia then takes this opportunity to make Marpel his slave, forcing her to repay the debt with her body.

The game is a simulation RPG where Marpel can either take up jobs at the mansion or go to dungeons to search for treasure. At the mansion, she can work as a maid, performing basic household chores. During that time, you can view H-scenes where Lobelia takes advantage of Marpel, forcing her into doing erotic tasks. When exploring through dungeons, you can look for treasure chests, which require keys in order to open. Dungeons feature ten floors, separated by flights of stairs. Additionally, Marpel has HP and MP bars that will only decrease the more she works. Let her rest for a day if she needs to refill the bars.


A predominant man who hate anything he cannot do as he likes.

He is not a man of great strength, rather good at put pressure on someone not with violence but with words.

Maybe because he had an experience of poor childhood,

he feels unconscious disgust when he sees someone pressed for money just like in his childhood.

Since he had obtained the huge amount of assets, he has no need to suppress his desire any more.

He is now realizing his dreams and ideas somehow or other.


A girl grown up with a plenty love from her parents.

She is not so active, rather passive type girl.

She is intermediately amiable, and not particularly bad at socializing, but

weak-hearted from her nature, and doesn't like a shouting voice and well-built men.

She has an age-appropriate knowledge about sexual behaviors, but not so well-experienced.

Her parents died with remaining large debt, and she is running a restaurant by herself.

You can buy Decaying Flowers on Steam for $9.99.

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