Fapping is more than just a game

Become the tactician of an army of female warriors in Fantasize Games’ Beautiful Mystic Defenders, a tower defense game now available on Steam.

Beautiful Mystic Defenders is an isekai story about a young man sent to a fantasy realm, where gorgeous female warriors face off against a threat from impeding forces of monsters. With the conflict only worsening each day, the protagonist volunteers to aid the heroines as their tactician by leveraging his experience at tower defense games.

The game features a large selection of levels, during which the player has to defend their objectives by placing towers along the enemy path. The towers will attack all oncoming enemies automatically; however, each tower is effective only against certain types of enemies. In order to seize victory, the player has to find the most optimal combination of towers for a given level, as well as countering enemies by utilizing the unique active skills of their heroines.

After each level, the player can upgrade their arsenal, allowing them to prepare for the next stage and further define their general playstyle. Progressing through the stages also unravels the game’s story, told through the style of a visual novel and featuring animated artwork. The hero’s harem will slowly grow throughout his adventure, with a total of eleven erotic scenarios to discover.

Love story with beautiful heroic defenders, and... very hot scenes

Pulled into a distant and unfamiliar world, you get to meet its gorgeous ladies, each with a distinct personality. While living and breathing the war with them, you learn about their story, their preferences, and style. Although it may take a while to earn their trust, it will turn out to be worth it eventually.

Enjoy the lovely interaction between the characters, the cute harem love story, and the breath-taking sex scenes. The game features a variety of sex scenes, there is something for everyone!

Compelling tower defense gameplay with real tactical depth

Facing up against the monster hordes, building the right tower at the right position, and using the right combination of towers and the right heroine will be your key to victory. Each tower type is good against some types of enemies while being bad against some others, the same is also true for each heroine character. Making good use of the heroine skills can help you recover from dire situations.

Frequently leveling up your heroines, and purchasing permanent tower and heroine skill upgrades (using in-game currencies) will be another vital element to success.

Beautiful Mystic Defenders is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $6.29 until January 12th, at which point it will cost $6.99.

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