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Project Helius to Change Galatea's Body in Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll to Meet Steam Policies

Galatea of Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll requires some changes in order to follow Steam policies, and moderation team sets new rules for the game's Discord server.

Recently, in the Discord Server for the 3D roguelike strategy game Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll , some moderators have announced some new rules for the channel. People will not be allowed to refer to the character Galatea as "loli" or "a child," make any “pedophilic” jokes, or accuse anyone on the server of being a pedophile. If one does such, the offense will be punishable by ban without a chance for retribution. If anyone in the Discord sees this behavior, they are to report it and provide screenshots showing proper evidence.

It was also mentioned by a moderator that her appearance falls within a massive grey area within most countries and would be considered under the age of consent. Anyone who refers to her as a "child for sexual purposes" or harasses anyone who likes her will be dealt with. In addition to this, the moderators are aware that Project Helius has called Galatea a “loli-like character” in the past and they, the moderators, believe that it was a mistake to refer to her as such.

Many patrons and members were worried that this announcement would change Galatea or remove her from the game. The moderators of the Discord server have mentioned that they do not speak for Project Helius, nor do the have any say in the game’s development; they only set rules for the Discord server. We have reached out to Project Helius on Twitter for a statement and received a response.

Galatea will show up in the Combat Drill mode in Operation Lovecraft regardless of her presence in the sex focused Harem Mode, so she won't be cut from the game.

Steam's policy strictly forbids sexualization of minors in games featuring adult themes. However, whether a character is classified as a minor is solely under the jurisdiction of Steam reviewing staffs, so a 9000-year-old vampire won't work around it, as stated in Steam's adult content guideline. Being a domestic cyberdoll, Galatea's original design is shorter and flatter than rest of the characters featured in the closed beta, so it could get us in a tricky situation if we ship her as a character with intimate scenes, depending on whether Steam reviewers find her appearance "dangerous".

Galatea's background story and the game's overall setting does not contain sensitive elements such as school or young age, so we are safe in that regard. Our plan is to scale her up a bit in the game so the size difference between her and the rest of the characters (especially sex partners in Harem Mode) does not cause discomfort. The height adjustment is basically a safety measure, and we are keeping her sex scenes intact.

Per Project Helius, Galatea will not be removed from the game. She will still be available in Combat Drill Mode, regardless of her presence in the Harem Mode. Despite this, to follow Steam's policy on the sexualization of minors or characters with very immature features, they need to make a few changes to Galatea’s design. While Galatea is a domestic cyberdoll with a more petite body compared to the other girls, Project Helius worries that issues might arise with Steam. As her background story does not contain any relation to school or a young age, they feel there's nothing to worry about in that regard. However, to abide by Steam’s policy, Project Helius plans to tweak her model some, so the size difference between Galatea and other characters doesn't lead to "discomfort." Finally, her sex scenes will remain in the game.

You can find more information about Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll on Steam or Project Helius' Patreon.

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