You will never be the same again

A young group attempts to save a pâtisserie in Marmalade’s Marshmallow All the Way Home, a romantic comedy visual novel now available on Johren.

Marshmallow All the Way Home is a slice-of-life romantic comedy set within a pâtisserie known as Marshmallow Tree. The store used to be a popular place but was recently taken over by a young girl, Kasukabe Kanon, who had to change the store's opening hours. This decision, combined with a popular chain opening its shop nearby, would result in Marshmallow Tree’s popularity plummeting.

The story’s protagonist is a young man named Miyahara Ryou, who ends up being kicked out of his parent’s home. Fortunately for him, he’s a childhood friend of Asaka Ushio, who’s been helping out at Marshmallow Tree since childhood. The girls end up helping Ryou by letting him stay at the pâtisserie as a live-in worker. The plan works out remarkably well, as the group soon sees Marshmallow Tree regaining its former glory. This proves to be a double-edged blade, though: as their shop grows in popularity, the days become more chaotic, with the girls starting to act in unusual manners, often hitting on Ryou in the weirdest of ways. Along the way, he also gets to meet Misuzu, a regular at the café, and Raiha, who works at the pastry shop “Souvenir”.

"Hey, are you okay?"

She reaches out to me as I lay collapsed on the ground.

Her hands feel soft and velvety, like marshmallows...

Kanon Kasukabe: "Welcome to our patisserie!"

Next thing I know, we've arrived at a patisserie called Marshmallow Tree.

It turns out she's the new owner and she's hiring me as a live-in employee?!

Ushio Asaka: "Let's work together and get this patisserie inspired!"

And so began my new life as a patissiere.

Sure, business isn't exactly booming, but we're all here working to change that!

Sasa Mizuzu: "I'm crazy about our patisserie's range of cakes and black teas!"

Raiha Raikkonen: "I'm not so sure you should've hired me yet, actually!"

With a lot of help and kindness from others, more and more customers are starting to come in.

But why does that only seem to result in extra weirdness from the girls around me...?!

Ushio Asaka: "Look, I've designed a new cake with you as my inspiration!"

Sasa Mizuzu: "I get I'm like the yogurt on a yogurt lid, but let me spoon-feed you, Senpai!"

Raiha Raikkonen: "There's a Japanese saying that it's a shame for a man to turn down a good 'meal.' Care to show me what that means exactly? Teehee!"

Kanon Kasukabe: "It's great that everyone gets along so well, isn't it? Let's keep up the good work and make this patisserie a success!"

Kanon, I'm not sure you know what "gets along" actually means...?! And with all this drama around me day in and day out, what's gonna happen to the patisserie... and me? Well, I guess this is the start of my "marshmallow days"—soft and oh-so-sweet. Hm, which flavor will I choose?

Marshmallow All the Way Home is now available on Johren for the promotional price of $23.99 until January 20th, at which point it will cost $29.99.

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