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A novice sorceress battles orcs in 和菓子日和’s Meria and The Island of Orcs, a fantasy RPG published by WASABI entertainment on Steam.

Meria and The Island of Orcs is a classic fantasy RPG that follows the adventure of a novice mage, Meria. Over time, the heroine became frustrated with her lazy master and decided to take her magical studies into her own hands. Having received a request for aid from a remote village, she decided to travel there and see if she could answer the call.

As it turns out, orcs have been gathering on the island and attacking the people living there. While the village’s men have thus far been able to hold them at bay, the Mayor realized that they wouldn't be able to resolve the issue on their own, hence the plea for a mage to address the problem. While she hadn’t yet fought orcs before, Meria bravely accepts the challenge, confident in her magical prowess. As she faces off against the monstrous invaders, she begins to uncover the island’s secrets and even runs into her master once again.

Meria and The Island of Orcs is an RPG largely driven by the player’s exploration of the island as they attempt to aid its villagers. To investigate the island, Meria has to traverse through areas crawling with monsters, which the player can dispatch in turn-based combat. As a magician, Meria mainly relies on her spells to deal damage, with discovering enemies’ weaknesses and exploiting them with magic being crucial to the player’s strategy. Should the heroine fall in combat, she'll end up being ravaged and exploited by her captors. The vast majority of erotic content in the game depicts portrayals of abuse, with Meria falling prey to the monsters invading the island.


People living in the peaceful country town, Edel, was having deep troubles with the orcs that appeared

suddenly. A girl named Meria, who accepted to hunt the orcs from the mayor, used her magical powers she

learned from her master. As she fights along with orcs, she eventually starts to know the secrets of

the island...

Will Meria be able to save the town from orcs?



The protagonist, who admires sorcerers.

She was on her training, but got sick of her lazy master, so she left her master

and accepted to hunt orcs to live on her own.


Master of Meria who teaches magic. Teaches magic, and aids Meria's adventure of hunting orcs.

■Genre: Turn-based Battle RPG

Meria and The Island of Orcs is now available on Steam for $14.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately, using a free patch found on WASABI Entertainment’s website.

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