Clean up for the next guy

Figure out your path to adulthood in Inlet Pipe Productions’ Long and Hard... Summer!, an adult dating sim currently in development.

Inlet Pipe Productions is an independent adult game development studio that worked on simpler Steam games, such as Shuttlecock-H and Picross Love. Recently, they’ve revealed their next, much larger project: Long and Hard... Summer!

The game will follow a modern slice of life narrative. You’re a student who’s been struggling at college. As you’ve failed the final exams, the professor demands that you take classes over the summer and attempt to retake the test. Hearing the news, your parents decide to stop supporting you financially, so you will learn to be more responsible. From now on, you have to not only manage your summer classes, but also pay the rent on your own.

As you delve into these new responsibilities, you begin to garner the attention of some of the girls around you. Firstly, your rebellious summer classmate Kaname asks you for a quickie as a way to let out steam. Then, you find out that one of your professors, Akari Tanaka, lives next door. Despite being married, she often needs help, as her husband doesn’t have the head for house maintenance. In the future version of the game, you’ll also meet your step-sister, Yui Harada, who will move in with you.

As in many dating sims, your main task is to properly manage your spare time. On most days, there are only two things you can get done, and each provides different benefits. Performing certain tasks may rise your stats, such as knowledge or responsibility, while others may net you more money or help you grow closer to one of the girls. As time goes on, the heroines will impart on you special tasks. Completing these quests requires high enough stats and specific items. The summer won’t last forever, though, so you might not have the time to get close to everyone, especially if you want to save your failing grades as well.

Most tasks in the game are automatic and play out as a little cutscene. Others might contain minigames, like the exams being quizzes on basic game design principles. So far, there are plans for the game to feature five distinct statistics to manage, and three heroines to flirt with over the course of the summer.

You can play the free demo of Long and Hard... Summer! on The game also has a Steam page, where it is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022.

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