...the fuck?

Take care of the needs of a girl or boy in AstroKaen's visual novel and monster management sim, Monster XXXperiment.

In Monster XXXperiment, you play as a new junior researcher for NYLC Laboratories, a research facility that specializes in monster boys and girls called Kin. The first Kin you get to work with is a Fox Kin with a street sign who enjoys demolition. While your first impressions weren't that positive, leading them to see you as a rookie researcher, you try to accommodate and study the Fox Kin to the best of your ability.

You can choose the gender for your character and the monster kin to fit your preferences, with the game's sexual content and dialogue changing depending on what you choose. Talk to your Fox Kin to get closer to them, listening to their complaints and suggestions regarding their room and food. You will be able to adjust the temperature, lighting, and overall appearance of their living space, with the goal being to make changes that'll make them happy, increasing their affinity. You could also switch up their diet with either pescatarian, omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian, or vegan food. The Fox Kin will give you input about the food: if it makes them sick, change it to something better.

There are three resources for your research: funding, reputation, and researcher level. Funding is how much money you have at a given moment and can be used to make renovations to your kin’s room, buy food, and pay for the heating bill. If you buy what your kin wants, your reputation will increase, but be careful with how you spend it: run out of funding, and the site director will fire you outright. Meanwhile, reputation is a passively generated resource. If reputation increases, it proves that your research is going smoothly, and when you gain enough reputation, your researcher level will increase. Your researcher level determines just how many monsters you can be put in charge of. Each time you gain one researcher level, you get to take care of new monster kin and your funding will increase. Additionally, there is a variety of monster boys and girls to choose from. In the current public build, you will only get to watch over one monster.

Take on the role of a Junior Researcher, who just applied and was hired by NYLIC Laboratories! NYLIC Laboratories specializes in researching the different likes and dislikes of monster girls and boys also known as "Kin". Your job is to study these individuals and provide them with anything they ask for that makes researching them easier on the both of you. Success means climbing the ladder in your career while failure means you'll be fired!

You can buy Monster XXXperiments on Itch.io for $4.99. The game is also available in the "I can’t believe it’s NOT Christmas Hentai Bundle" that we covered in a recent article. If you enjoy the game, consider checking out AstroKaen’s Patreon.

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