Lick twice for service

Oppai Games' love hotel management and dating sim, Quickie: A Love Hotel Story is now available for purchase on Steam.

We previously wrote about Oppai Games’ then-upcoming Quickie: A Love Hotel Story during its early stages of development, back in February of 2020. Since then, the game received some additional characters and changes to the management sim's presentation. In Quickie: A Love Hotel Story, you play as a young man that takes over your family’s crumbling hotel business. To keep the business running a bit longer, you decide to convert the building into a love hotel. As you try to rake in money, you start to wonder why the business was failing to begin with and why the hotel manager is behaving strangely.

You are in control of how the hotel is laid out; build more floors and different themed hotel rooms to attract more potential customers. Each couple is interested in a room that works with the type of sexual play they want. The couples will hint at what type of room they're looking for, with it being your job to send them to one that matches their tastes. After they finish up in the room, you'll have to send housekeeping to clean up and prepare for the next couple. After all, nobody likes to get it on in a room used by someone else; your customers care about the quality of the room and if you can meet their preferences. If you send them to an expensive double room, they’ll pay more and even tip you for the great service.

During the game's story, you'll meet beautiful girls that you can go on dates with and even take to the love hotel. Each girl has their own story to complete, with the goal being to spend your time with them and offer presents to increase their affection. When you have enough affection with a girl, you can unlock a variety of animated H-scenes that can be rewatched in the gallery. The early access version of the game has eight love interests, but not all of the routes are complete. Oppai Games is looking for additional feedback on the game and don’t intend to change the game's price, even after the official release.

- Manage Your Love Hotel!

Research new ideas and build new rooms to earn money and expand your business across Tokyo!

- Date Beautiful Ladies!

Meet the cast of romantic options, hangout with them, give them gifts and witness their stories unfold!

- Invite Dates to Your Hotel!

Share intimate moments in a diverse selection of love hotel rooms!

- Unlock Animated H-Scenes!

And save them to the gallery to enjoy later!

You can buy Quickie: A Love Hotel Story in Steam early access, currently on sale for $17.99. After January 5th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $19.99.

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