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An angel performs “good deeds” to stay in Heaven in Magical Girl Club’s The angel’s deed.

The angel’s deed is an RPG where, as a village sister turned angel, you complete quests, or suffer the consequences. Growing up Meryl dreamed of becoming an angel, just like the ones she adored. She believed that performing many good deeds would help her become one. Unfortunately, Meryl was too trusting of others, so she was deceived and molested by the villagers she tried to help. The pressure was too much for her mortal body to take and she died in the church. After her death, a small group of angels came and brought her to Heaven. Meryl finally became an angel, just like she wanted. Now, while she resides in Heaven, she must continue to do good deeds, even if she is deceived again. If she fails to do so, Meryl will become a fallen angel and get sent to Hell. What will become of the angel whose fate is to be molested repeatedly?

The game is purely focused on completing quests. Listen to the troubles of villagers and help them overcome their problems. There are multiple endings, which are determined by the relics you collect from monsters and the angel meter. Your angel meter increases and decreases depending on your actions and other events. End up raped by a monster or perform misdeeds, and the meter will decrease. If you steal an item from a treasure chest in a private home, the meter will decrease. Conversely, when you give items to the villagers in need, the meter will increase. Balance the angel meter accordingly and collect all the relics. Don’t let the angel meter get too low or else you could get the bad ending.

Angel Meter

In the beginning, the meter leans towards the angel. It will decrease if you do a bad deed or raped by a monster.

If you catch a treasure chest in a private house, the angel meter will decrease in exchange for items, and if you give items to the villagers in need, the angel meter will increase.

It does not affect the proceeding of the game, but it may affect the ED separation.

Purpose of the game

You need to solve the problems that villagers have. In addition, take back the relics from the monsters.

If you mis-manage the Angel meter, you may wind up with a bad ending at the last ED point.

In order to win the game, it is essential that you collect as many good elixirs as possible.

The angel’s deed is available on Steam for $8.99.

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