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A 30-year-old virgin is given the power to make any woman aroused in GTai and GentleDriver’s SaiIn Rhythm, an erotic rhythm game now available on Steam.

SaiIn Rhythm begins on the protagonist’s 30th birthday. Having little luck and no social skills to speak of, he has never managed to form a lasting relationship, nor even have a significant friendship with a woman. As a result, he remains a virgin, a fact weights heavily upon him. As he’s slowly falling into depression, an angel appears in front of him.

By their nature, angels dedicate themselves to helping others. Once they realized that Japan’s suffering from a decline in birthrates, they’ve made the decision to grant some people special powers that would help them address the problem. To be more exact, they decided to give people most unlikely to ever have children the ability to make the opposite sex extremely aroused. Our protagonist has been chosen as one such person. While the reasoning behind why he was given the gift is not the most encouraging, the power does turn out to be effective. Having always wanted to enjoy sex, the protagonist heads out into the streets, using his newfound abilities on a whim, without asking for consent first.

Aside from its visual novel storytelling aspect, SaiIn Rhythm features a series of musical stages that take place whenever the protagonist attempts to charm his next victim. During these stages, the player is position in the middle of a chain, with beats coming from the left and right. During the stage, new chains may appear above or below the player, and have to be jumped between to the rhythm according to the prompts given during the song. Missed beats deplete the players’ health, but doing well slowly regenerates it. Successfully beating the rhythm stages moves the story forward and unlocks new sex scenes, animated using Live2D.


I woke up in the morning and realized that I was 30 years old. When I was upset about being virgin for 30 years, suddenly a strong light appeared in the room, and a girl who claimed as an angel appeared, she said."What I have just given you is, a ability will forcibly any women go into a state of sexual arousal."

Facing the sudden surprise, what kind of development will there be?


Play as the protagonist of a virgin for 30 years and use the abilities given by angel. Complete the rhythm challenges and hypnotize opponents.Having physical relationships with different girls dreamed of.


• Live2D characters animation and voice

• H scene Live2D CG animation and voice

• Unique atmospheric visual effects

• Rhythm music with the theme of electronic music

SaiIn Rhythm is now available on Steam for $10.19 until December 29th, at which point the price will return to its usual $11.99.

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