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Winterwolves seeks funding for their dating sim and card game hybrid, The Curse Of Mantras, on Kickstarter.

The Curse Of Mantras is described by the developers as a dating sim with optional card battle gameplay. As the protagonist, you awaken in a strange place without any memories of who you were before. A man by the name of Mantras greets you, sharing the rules of this new world, known as the Afterlife, and introduces some attractive companions. These new companions happen to be other deceased people who have become avatars of one of four elements: water, fire, air, and earth; or an arcana: life and death. It so happens that you are the new avatar of death, an avatar with the power needed to activate a music box that can restore the memories from past lives. Additionally, each avatar belongs to one of two alignments: Order or Chaos. Unfortunately, this leaves the two sides battling each other for the chance to have their memories restored.

Play as either chosen protagonist, the handsome male Ace or the buxom female Lily. You get to choose which alignment to be a part of, but keep in mind, your alignment decides who you are teamed with. The side you don’t pick will be your opponent. Battles consist of facing the opposing team with cards in one of the realms based on an element or arcana. There are hundred and twenty cards, which include seventy-two creatures and sixty spells. Each card is divided between alignments, arcana, and elements. However, if you are not interested in the card game, you can change your settings to “visual novel mode,” allowing you to skip the card battles and read the story.

Selectable Protagonists:

Order Alignment Group:

Chaos Alignment Group:

When it comes to love in the Afterlife, every companion can be romanced except the player character that wasn't chosen. This means that if you choose Lily, you cannot woo Ace and vice versa. Outside of that, the character you play as will not prevent you from choosing your preferred companion, meaning that same sex romances are available, should you wish to have one. There are at least twenty CGs with more still in the works, this includes the adult CGs. The game will be released on uncensored. The version on Steam will be censored, but free DLC to unlock the 18+ content will be available upon release.

Winterwolves is asking for €5,000 [approximately $5,667 USD] to fund The Curse Of Mantras. As of writing this article, they reached their goal and have raised €6,705 [approximately $7,599 USD]. There are at least five stretch goals, shown in the image below, with the possibility of additional goals, depending on how well the campaign does.

According to Winterwolves, a demo for The Curse Of Mantras is planned for release during the next Steam Fest, near the end of February 2022. The Kickstarter ends on January 14th, 2022. You can learn more about the game, or support the crowdfunding, by checking out the Kickstarter campaign page.

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