Now supporting one handed controls

Mico's survival adventure game, Object Control ~Escape by Mysterious Specimen Rape and Birthing~ , is now available on DLsite.

Object Control ~Escape by Mysterious Specimen Rape and Birthing~ is a 3D adventure game with a premise similar to the SCP series. You play as Iona, a young girl with twintails, who is awakened by the sound of glass breaking, finding the window in her room is broken and the steel door mysteriously wide open. She explores the facility for the first time, only to be raped by the COC's (Center of Object Control) staff and guards. While searching for a way out, she noticed that she's not the only one under containment, with a number of weird objects in the facility as well. What's more, even though Iona is physically weak, she's able to get pregnant and give birth at a quick rate. Can this strange ability somehow help her escape the facility?

Iona is able to be impregnated by anyone and anything in the facility. If she's impregnated by one of the contained objects, she can increase their numbers and break through the COC’s security. The main goal is to find keycards and let the contained objects free in order to escape. The condition of Iona’s body is also depicted in real-time: after she's been raped, you'll see semen pour out of her vagina while she walks. If she's pregnant, her stomach will expand for some time until the point where she eventually gives birth. Finally, when Iona is raped constantly, her clothes will get torn up, she'll become extremely dirty, and a foul smell will emit from her. This can be mitigated by changing her clothes and bathing her, entirely at the player's discretion.

Object Control ~Escape by Mysterious Specimen Rape and Birthing~ features over thirty H-scenes that are animated with Live2D, with scenes involving blowjobs, cunnilingus, bestiality, and childbirth. If you want to rewatch a specific H-scene, you can hug the delusion bear to view the gallery, and you can view the scenes for as long as you like. Additionally, if you don’t want to see the vaginal cross section and childbirth scenes, you have the option to disable them.

###About fertilization and childbirth

Due to Iona's special menstrual cycle, it takes about 5 minutes to go around in play time.

Simulates menstruation-ovulation-fertilization-pregnancy-childbirth.

Eggs and sperms are added to your "belongings" as items and each has a lifespan.

If someone has sperm in the vagina at the time of ovulation, it may be fertilized.

Even if it is a non-human life form, if sperm is produced, it will lead to fertilization and pregnancy.

If time passes without any problem, it will proceed to fertilized egg, foetation, and finally give birth.

The child who gave birth grows rapidly and is released into the field.

You can buy Object Control ~Escape by Mysterious Specimen Rape and Birthing~ on DLsite for ¥2,640 (approximately $23.24). There's also a demo available, so you can try out the game for yourself. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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