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Late Night Delivery 2: Pandemommyum!, a Halloween-themed visual novel by MonsterBox and Aquapaulo!, is now available on Itch.io.

Late Night Delivery 2: Pandemommyum! takes place after the events of the first game. Up to this point, the story has followed an unlucky young man working a dead-end job as a pizza delivery boy. Given that he had no prospects for the future, stumbling upon a trap set by a succubus’ might’ve been his luckiest moment yet — even if he was completely at the demon’s mercy. The protagonist was eventually set free, but for how long would that truly last?

This time around, the protagonist is in a much better state. Thanks to his luscious endowment, he's gained two girlfriends and makes a living as a nighttime partner for lonely women. One night, he gets a call from a poor single mother and her daughter asking for help fixing their TV. Upon his arrival at the house, the protagonist is welcomed by a familiar blue-haired woman dressed as a witch, and she's not alone this time. Can a mere human satisfy two succubi and escape the encounter alive?

Life couldn't be any better for you.

Being a hunky guy with a huge dick, two girlfriends that love you, a side job banging single mothers, a huge dick, and a big penis!

Then you get a call to "help out" a poor single mom and her country-raised daughter to fix their TV. Yeah right!

Although, something's not right about these two.

That's right, wasn't tonight Halloween...?

Late Night Delivery 2: Pandemommyum! is now available on Itch.io for the promotional price of $4.93 until January 5th, at which point it will cost $6.67.

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