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Three shrine maidens fight against youkai in Debonosu Works' visual novel RPG series, Dawn of Kagura, now available on Johren.

The Dawn of Kagura series follows the stories of different shrine maidens who are tasked with eliminating youkai, with the series involving its cute shrine maidens being raped by youkai. The games that have been translated and released on Johren are The Dawn of Kagura: Natsue’s Story, Hatsuka’s Story, and Keika’s Story. There are recurring characters throughout these games, so you can experience the story from different perspectives.

In Dawn of Kagura: Hatsuka’s Story, the heroine, Hatsuka Otawa, was on her way home from exorcising a youkai when she received a call from her father, the head of her family's shrine. He tells her that she's been given another mission and is to head out immediately. Still weary from her last mission, Hatsuka complains and asks why her older sister, Keiko, couldn’t accept the job instead. After striking a deal with her father, Hatsuka reluctantly goes on the mission. After arriving at her destination, she meets a young priest who tells her about the youkai that started to appear and the unusual snowfall that came with them. Hatsuka senses mysterious energy from a nearby forest, believing the source of their problems to be emanating from within.

Dawn of Kagura: Keiko’s Story follows Hatsuka’s older sister, Keiko. The Mizumori Shrine received a job from a Shinto priest to deal with a giant monkey youkai, who has led a rampage around his village. Since her younger sister was out on an assignment and never showed up to training, Keiko took it upon herself to accept the job in order to set a good example for her.

Dawn of Kagura: Natsu’s Story takes place after an event known as the Killing Stone incident. An animal-eared girl, Natsu, is spending her time alone in her shrine when a village chief unexpectedly comes to her for help. He tells her that youkai are rampaging near his village and he wants her to eliminate them. Natsu doesn’t want to leave her shrine unattended, but all the same, she just can’t ignore the man’s desperate request. After gathering her resolve together, Natsu leaves her shrine to battle the youkai.

You can buy Dawn of Kagura: Hatsuka’s Story, Dawn of Kagura: Keiko’s Story, and Dawn of Kagura: Natsu’s Story on Johren, with each title currently on sale for $15.99. The sale for all three games ends on December 31st, after which their prices will increase back up to $19.99.

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