If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Magical Girls will face alien threats in metalogiq's upcoming sci-fi visual novel, DeadΩAegis, now available for pre-order on JAST USA.

DeadΩAegis takes place in the distant future, where an alien race has begun encroaching onto humanity’s sectors of the galaxy. The invaders have but one goal: the eradication of the human race. The fight may seem dire, but a new bioengineering discovery might just give humans a fighting chance: alien tissue transplants. When alien cells are transferred into the body of a young girl, they grant her superhuman abilities. These powers prove to be unpredictable, manifesting differently in each subject, but they're all that grants humanity the might necessary to fight back against the invasion.

In a desperate bid, the human government creates troops of magical girls. These women, empowered by the bodies of their enemies, now fight to defend the front lines. The story of DeadΩAegis follows their efforts. The visual novel tells a dark story featuring rape at the hands of alien monsters and depictions of gruesome violence, with multiple endings to discover based on decisions made throughout the game. Aside from its story, DeadΩAegis features a handful of puzzle mini-games unlocked by completing the main mode.

DeadΩAegis is scheduled to release on January 7, 2022; however, by pre-ordering the visual novel, you'll be given access to DeadΩAegis: Gaiden, a standalone title functioning as a prologue to the main story.


In the distant reaches of space, a war for the fate of humanity is being waged. We learned early that traditional weapons were useless against this extraterrestrial threat, and in our darkest hour we found a savior that could push these monsters back... girls with magical powers!

By transplanting alien tissue into the bodies of young women, our heroes are able to achieve superhuman abilities. These soldiers bravely head to the front lines to defend Earth from the vermin who seek to exterminate the human race! This stolen power manifests itself differently in each individual, allowing our defenders to specialize in roles that optimize their natural abilities. However, this new power by itself will not win our liberation. The strength of the alien invaders push our magical troops to the limit with every battle, and survival is not guaranteed.

With the bodies of your allies strewn at your feet and the maw of an unimaginable horror at your throat, will you falter? Or will you find the strength to stand and fight?


• Kickass soundtrack

• Dark storylines

• Beautiful art by the masterful Ueda Metawo

• Multiple endings based on your choices

• Unlockable mini puzzle games after completing the main storyline game

DeadΩAegis is now available for Pre-Order on JAST USA for $29.99. The visual novel is currently slated to release on January 7th, 2022. Pre-ordering the game unlocks access to the standalone prologue DeadΩAegis: Gaiden.

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