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A detective investigates a case that ties three women together in Romance after dark, a visual novel by Lesson of Passion now available on Steam.

Developed and published by Lesson of Passion, the creator of Living with Temptation 1 - REDUX and Wild Wet West, Romance after dark is an erotic noir visual novel with point-and-click game mechanics. After the death of the woman he most respected, Trevor went from a successful detective to an irredeemable failure. In a bid to regain his lost pride, Trevor accepted a big case, where he'll actively need to interrogate suspects and uncover clues if he wants to solve it. During the investigation, Trevor will need the cooperation of three female suspects: Miranda, Terisa, and Sara. Each one of these women has a story that connects to the main plot. Get to know these women and learn their struggles, aspirations, and what makes them tick.

Romance after dark features dramatic storytelling and twenty-five interactable sex scenes. Throughout the game, you'll make choices that aren't completely black and white, but rather morally grey. Even the most well-intentioned of decisions can prove to be hurtful further down the line. The important choices you make will lead you down to but one of the game's ten different endings, so choose wisely.

Welcome to our noir blend of visual novel and adventure game! In this story, you’ll play as Trevor, a once successful private investigator whose wretched life you’ll try to put back on the right track. Use your detective hunches and interact with characters and objects, all the while making crucial choices that will lead you to one of ten endings.

But what would noir be without a dame? Or, in this case, three: Miranda, the professional singer; Teresa, the intriguing librarian; and Sara, the young lady of the night. Their stories will intersect after every choice and twist, and you’ll need to follow along every entangled plot to reach your goals.

Of course, if we’re talking noir, we’re talking about grey morality. Your choices won’t be unambiguously good or bad, and unexpected nuances lurk after every one of them. This is the darkest game we’ve ever worked on, the most ambitious, and we’re proud of how we’ve managed to push the boundaries of the erotic genre with this exploration of noir’s themes.

Speaking of pushing boundaries? The girls are not typical LOP models—because this game is far from typical. Their past, their flaws, their weaknesses, their goals? They have been molded by each of them, and curvaceous advertising models just wouldn’t cut it. We want to show you their problems and sorrows, their harsh lives, but also the unique eroticism they embody. The game would not be complete with any other choice, and we invite you to discover why.

You can buy Romance after dark on Steam for the discounted price of $7.19. After December 22nd, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $7.99.

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