Putting the D in the double D.

A young man becomes an Egyptian demoness's sex slave in Appetite’s Master-Servant Sex with the Beauty from the Orient, a visual novel now available on MangaGamer.

Master-Servant Sex with the Beauty from the Orient is a short, linear visual novel about a careless young man and his apparent lack of good fortune. One day, the protagonist receives a package from his father, an archeologist far from home. The present contains a little ornament, shaped like a pyramid. As the letter states, his father found the piece in an antique art shop. Realizing it could be worth quite a bit, the protagonist gleefully decides to just sell it online. As he fantasizes about the money he’s going to earn, the antique falls out of his hands and hits the floor.

Once the pyramid hit the ground, it released a mass of smoke, from which emerges a voluptuous, dark-skinned woman. Introducing herself as Leila, she reveals that she’s a demon that feeds on semen. Having spent an untold amount of time sealed within the artifact, she’s starving, and quickly decides to use the boy to sate her hunger. With little say on the matter, the protagonist becomes her sex slave.

Master-Servant Sex with the Beauty from the Orient features 15 erotic scenes, with an equal amount of unique, erotic CGs to discover throughout its story.

Some sort of ghost or spirit sealed in a piece of ancient artwork.

Despite her elegant bearing, she’s haughty and prideful, and she believes that it is natural for her to dominate others.

She takes a liking to Ryuji’s semen and decides to make him her servant.

She loves modern food, especially junk food.

Master-Servant Sex with the Beauty from the Orient is now available on MangaGamer for $12.55, where it will later cost $13.95. The visual novel was also previously released on Steam by Tensei Games, where it can still be purchased for $13.99.

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