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Rescue captives and breed with aliens in the demo for Karnedraws' upcoming sci-fi platformer, Zetria, now playable on Itch.io.

Zetria is a short demo for karnedraws’ pixel platform game-in-progress. The heroine, Solana, is a rescue and salvage operator, searching around the border sectors of space. While searching through the ruins of the Zetrian system, she received a distress signal. Even knowing Zetria itself was abandoned and filled with hostile creatures, Solana ventured forth to find the source of the signal.

In the game's demo, you can fight off enemies using both projectile and melee attacks. Blast your way through the creatures with your pistol or shotgun and find ammo along the way to reload your guns; if you run out of bullets, you can still kick them to death. The demo also features a few switch puzzles you need to complete, where the switches around the area are used to move platforms and open doors leading to the next area. Additionally, some areas are filled with toxic substances and you will need to find a way to cross without getting burned.

When you find one of the captives, you'll have to carry her safely to the emergency exit in order to complete the level. Since you won't be able to jump while carrying the captive, you'll have to do your best not to put her in harm's way. After completing the rescue mission, you'll also be able to breed with some trained aliens to perform some genetic material extraction. As you rescue more people, new areas to explore and creatures to breed will become available.

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#Female Protagonist

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#2D Puzzle & Action Platformer

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You can download the demo for Zetria on Itch.io. If you enjoy the game, consider checking out karnedraws’ Twitter and Pixiv for updates.

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