Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Rescue princesses from gory execution in Blue Mad Diode’s GRAVEYARD EXECUTIONER, a gruesome action platformer, now available on DLsite.

GRAVEYARD EXECUTIONER follows Nevaeh, a long-lived elven girl who for past generations has been working as the tomb guardian of the royal family of the Black Kingdom. Despite her grim role, our heroine is a close friend of the King and his daughters. However, their peaceful life comes to a sudden end, when the White Kingdom attacks. Its leader decided that the Black Kingdom needs to be erased due to its gruesome past. Thus, she ordered the invasion of the kingdom and kidnapped its five princesses. She intends to use the girls as sacrifice to summon forth an archangel, who will raze the unholy land to the ground. The princesses were like family to Nevaeh and as such, she won’t just let them be tortured. Armed to the teeth, she rushes in pursuit of the White Kingdom’s army and its commanders.

The game plays as a side-scroller, with the player navigating 2D levels while killing soldiers, collecting gems to buy upgrades with, and facing dangerous bosses. Right from the get-go, the player gains access to a vast selection of weapons to accomplish their goal. While Nevaeh begins the game holding her trusty shovel, she can swap it for a crowbar, great sword, pistol, shotgun, or an automatic rifle. Each weapon handles differently and has some kind of weakness. For example, when using two-handed weapons Nevaeh can’t carry her shield, which makes her unable to block and parry.

This massive arsenal won’t be enough to stop the entire White Kingdom army on its own, though. Thankfully, Nevaeh runs into the Churchgrim Siblings, a pair of adept torturers working for the kingdom. The duo can transform into wolves, which allows Nevaeh to summon them in battle. Any time the siblings finish an enemy, they put them into a torture machine. Nevaeh can then summon this contraption anywhere on the map to serve as a trap against her foes.

The siblings’ abilities aren’t limited to torturing common enemies. Defeated bosses are left in their care as well, allowing them to prepare an interrogation in the form of a minigame. The player has to skillfully pick the amount of harm to inflict on the kidnapped boss to get a confession out of them without killing them. If successful, the player can unlock new abilities and tips for Nevaeh this way, even unlocking new routes through the game. While gory depictions of torture are the main feature of GRAVEYARD EXECUTIONER, it doesn’t lack erotic content either. Many of the game’s characters will be raped as part of their torture, especially if the player loses during a boss segment. General nudity is also prevalent, with the heroine losing parts of her clothing as her health decreases.

GRAVEYARD EXECUTIONER is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $23.53 (estimated from ¥2,673) until January 7th, at which point it will cost $26.14 (estimated from ¥2,970). A demo of the game can also be found and downloaded from the store page, if you'd like to try the game for yourself beforehand.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to a Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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