Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

The continuation of Furlough Games’ Love Stories series of visual novels, Furry Shades of Gay 2: A Shade Gayer is now available on Steam.

Furry Shades of Gay 2: A Shade Gayer is the sequel to the BL visual novel puzzle game, Love Stories: Furry Shades of Gay. The Love Stories series is a collection of short stories about the sex lives and relationships of different furries. In this sequel, there are longer and more detailed stories involving both new characters and old favorites from the previous game. The game features new and improved art and animations, as well as many branching paths for you to see.

Explore five new stories and enjoy the company of several different furry men, both muscular and lean. In one story, one couple spends time together at a mysterious carnival, while another story features two friends spending time together in the great outdoors, as they hide their true feelings. In a third story, a young fennec tries out BDSM with a dominant snake man. The fourth story features two buff men going all out in the gym as they end up learning a few new moves, while the last story sees two guys going undercover at a party.

Throughout the stories, the player can make different decisions and branch out the story in different directions, with good choices being locked and marked with different symbols, while wrong choices are marked with a broken heart and are always unlocked. The good choices can be unlocked by playing a match-three puzzle game, where matching enough tokens with the corresponding symbol will unlock the choice. Furlough Games also plans to add free content in the form of stories and puzzles in the future.

Explore new, improved stories with more exciting and diverse branching narratives. Most routes are now at least twice as deep as the ones in the first game, and you’re going to have a lot more content to enjoy. With a greater focus on the plot, some scenarios will present you with as much as 12 scenes before you will get to the ending.

The plot won’t take away from the artwork and sex scenes, either. With new artists joining the ranks, expect a visual feast with even hotter still images and improved animations. The puzzle sections are getting upgrades as well with new level objectives, improved balance and better overall feel.

You can buy Furry Shades of Gay 2: A Shade Gayer on sale for $4.79 on Steam. After December 16, the sale will end and the game will return to its original retail price, $5.99.

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