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Crime Drama Visual Novel My Furry Detective Now Available on Steam

Help a furry detective resolve an abandoned case in Dirty Fox Games’ My Furry Detective.

My Furry Detective is a visual novel following a young intern joining the police force as a detective’s assistant. The young man always aspired to work in the field instead of sorting documents at the office. As such, he chose to work at a small-time police department of a quiet neighborhood, just to get a spot as a detective. Unexpectedly, the moment he introduces himself at the office, everyone starts making bets on how soon he’s going to quit.

The reason for this turns out to be his new mentor, Eva Grey. The wolf detective tends to approach all her cases with utmost dedication. To her, a bike theft is just as important as a murder. The protagonist initially finds this inspiring, especially since the low crime rate in the area means he’s unlikely to see cases more serious than petty theft. Though, his expectations of Eva soon change, as, despite her dedication, the wolf girl turns out to be impressively incompetent. She relentlessly pesters the victims and pushes bewildering theories on them, coming to the most illogical conclusions for the simplest of issues.

As her assistant, the young man will have to play off Eva’s quirky personality in a way that will help them effectively solve criminal mysteries. While it doesn’t seem like the job will pose much of a challenge, it eventually turns out that even a small town such as this has its fair share of unresolved mysteries. When new leads for a case connected to Eva start showing up, she sees no other choice than to pursue them, no matter the danger.

My Furry Detective offers a linear visual novel story containing drama, mystery, romance, and a sprinkling of comedy. As the assistant grows closer to Eva, the two of them will engage in a casual intimate relationship, with a total of three explicit scenes to experience.

My Furry Detective is now available on Steam for $3.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately via a free DLC.

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