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Match-Three Puzzle Game Love with Furry🐺 Is Available on Steam

Love with Furry 🐺, a collection of short stories and puzzles, has released on Steam.

Developed by Furry Dreams Lab, Love with Furry 🐺 is a puzzle game about furry girls, with a variety of furries, including foxes, bunnies, wolves and more. The game has a range of scenarios that are not related to each other. You will take on different roles in each story. Some of the stories are pretty common, such as a teacher tutoring her student or a brother and sister having a friendly squabble. Others are more detailed. One of the stories takes place during WWII, where a Wehrmacht officer captures and interrogates someone accused of being a Jewish spy.

The gameplay consists mostly of simple match-three puzzles. Some of the harder levels will have obstacles in the way. If you make a certain amount of matches, the furry girl will take off a piece of clothing. Once you beat the level you get a sex scene with the furry girl. There are twenty three levels and five furry girls in total.

🐺Love with Furry 🐺

Love with Furry is a collection of short stories featuring Furry Girls and Match 3 gameplay. Exciting game consisting of a series of exciting Mini-novels with furry girls. Relaxing gameplay and cute atmosphere. Contains mini-stories about various professions with 🐺furry girls🐺The gameplay refers us to the classic three-in-a-row (Match3) game, but the basis of the game is a developed dialogue system and an extraordinary storyline.

You can buy Love with Furry🐺 on Steam at the discounted price of $1.39. After December 14th, the sale will end and the game’s price will return to $1.99. There is also 18+ DLC available for free — this will add the adult content to the game.

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